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Most people become unrealistic

Dec 27 2021 at 15:58
658 ieraksti
Unfortunately, this is actually the case. It is for this reason that I advise you to work for a short time.

Jan 13 at 19:25
18 ieraksti
It's true. I believe everything because forex trading is advertised as the easiest activity for earning money and mainly brokers do it. Nowadays, there are lots of opportunities to make money in the internet and actually forex trading is considered to be one of the most hyped activity. That's why people come into trading and believe that they can make millions of dollars daily. However, it's not like that at all. There are no traders who would earn 100% to their deposit in the very first days. It's okay to earn 20-30% to deposit per month, but this result can be reached only due to hard working of a trader.

Jan 13 at 20:21
184 ieraksti
Most newbies believe the hype.....

Jan 19 at 07:04
11 ieraksti
It is important to know that most people become unrealistic when they begin to trade in forex. They expect to become wealthy in no time, or they may even want to become millionaires overnight, but this is something that will most likely never happen. Forex is a long-term game, and you should never expect to become wealthy overnight.

Jan 19 at 07:25
102 ieraksti
Traders need to know that when they are starting to trade, they need to know that the goal has to be realistic and not to be mistaken with overachieveness. They tend to become unrealistic after making few profits, thinking if they can do it then they can create unrealistic goal.

Yesterday at 13:47
17 ieraksti
Well, it's a really spread issue within trading community. Sometimes new traders believe in themselves more than professional traders. Everything because they heard that trading is something about easy money, while in fact it's not like that at all. Trading implies bunch of hard work and it means that there is no easy money at all.
Everything that new traders might earn is 20% plus to their deposit within a month and this result is amazing one. Mainly because new traders as a rule lose their money, because of this over-self-confidence. It's cool that people are confident, however it must have wise borders. Overconfidence eliminated plenty of traders from the market.

Yesterday at 15:57
194 ieraksti
Absolutely, its feed by people trying to make money from affiliate links to all sorts. You need to treat this like any other business and expect to work hard for it. There are massive profits to be made if done correctly

23 stundas atpakaļ
530 ieraksti
Alas, the points of view of many people are often really distant from the real state of affairs.

15 stundas atpakaļ
459 ieraksti
Most traders think unrealistically so they cannot succeed in trading. To trade, I have to trade with a positive mindset according to discipline.

9 stundas atpakaļ
658 ieraksti
It is really important to understand that many people understand reality in a very different way. Unfortunately, this happens quite often.

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