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Why stop loss order are important and tips ?

Jun 20 at 06:38
posts 36
Just place a stop and secure your profits, i use stop losses on volatile pairs or use a very small lot size if i dont want to place stops, both of this helps me to keep making profits and i can exit trades without letting it get to my stoploses first if i see a reversal. Just be deciplined about it and you will keep making profits.

Jun 20 at 11:26
posts 338
For short term traders, stop loss is very important. In short term market can move in both ways even if it's in trend. To save your capital from unwanted loss, stop loss is important. But you need good understanding of the market to place a good stop loss.

Jun 20 at 16:04
posts 682
If I want to manage the risk properly, I must use stop loss. A trader can not secure the account without managing risk. Stop loss protects from unexpected losses. Discipline helps trading in maintain.

Jun 22 at 06:10
posts 31
Trading without a stop loss is a sure way to completely lose your deposit.

Jun 22 at 10:24
posts 13
Agreed. They play a critical role in your trading to minimize the losses that you are making in case the order goes the reverse.

Jun 22 at 10:53
posts 9
Good thread. I hope that many trader read this so that they can save themselves from losses

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jun 22 at 12:03
posts 238
Stop losses can help you going into further losses.

Jun 22 at 17:19
posts 682
perryjohn765 posted:
Stop losses can help you going into further losses.

Protects stop loss from excess loss. If the trader wants to make less loss then a swing point stop loss should be given.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jun 22 at 23:34
posts 170
Using trailing stop is a good trading plan when the strong trending market, usually I like to manual stop loss and modify when needed, looking at the level price that formed support and resistance zone to placed stop loss.

Jun 23 at 02:25
posts 83
i read that a lot of pro traders with big firms dont use stop losses. some reasons are if they think direction is right; give the trade time;second they will use hedging trade until direction goes their way again.then close hedging trade.only after a certain time will they close a trade if their reasons are good.why should you close a trade if you think direction is right.? how many times do people do this and see their their trade reverse after stop loss.also the percentage profit per year is usuall 20% to %100 usually.this is not hard if you have big trading reserves .stop loss does not equal direction is wrong; weekly and monthly chart will confirm the direction. most times.price most times retraces before going in a direction across all markets.

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