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ForexSensation (de Forex Sensation )

Ganancia : +215.07%
Disminución 2.57%
Pips: 723.8
Transacciones 102
Tipo: Real
Apalancamiento: 1:200
Trading: Automatizado

Discusión ForexSensation

Oct 17 2013 at 19:14
posts 18
First trade on my ECN FXChoice real account, first loss 1$ for 0.1 lot.
Not a big deal look like hitting the sl for a trailing stop... not that bad.

I'll continue to run both ForexSensation and Y-Combination on my real account.

Oct 17 2013 at 19:32
posts 390
I bought this EA on the same day they release.

But No trade yet.

Let's see

Oct 17 2013 at 21:41
posts 8
investea posted:
I've bought this EA yesterday, but until now, I try to backtest it on the last 3 months, changing parameters to match the graph above.

Until now I've failed.
Using ticks data to backtest it I have only 38 trades and it's not as profitable as the graph above.

Really strange. I will consider to be refund.
Let us know if you succeed, I was considering buying it but I need backtest proof to drop 1k.

Oct 17 2013 at 23:06
posts 3
Thank you guys, go on posting news about this EA. We are all interested.

Oct 18 2013 at 02:21
posts 8
Can some one do a backtest from 2007 with high model quality? There are only 35 copies left on the there website and I really would like to know if its worth it?

Fred (farzadtahriri)
Oct 18 2013 at 11:30
posts 28
I find problem in my transaction using my master card , I think the click-better have some problem cannot release the money to the website?

The Super Rich (therichonedemo1)
Oct 18 2013 at 11:41
posts 30
So far only Y-Combination has opened trades. It appears all trades are buy only even for the pending orders. No trade for the winner yet. I have just updated it to 1.01. There was no email notification to tell me there was an update. I found out in the download area.

To get rich by consistent and safe means...
Oct 18 2013 at 16:06
posts 18
This night first profit on a trade 2.84 $ for 0.1 lot.

Still trying to have a valid backtest, I've downloaded ticks data from 2008 to now, should be enough.

Oct 18 2013 at 17:58
posts 423
Thanks for all of the update. we are interested. if possible please connect it to myfxbook. so that everybody can see the real time analysis. Thanks.

Oct 18 2013 at 23:34
posts 390

Is this account no longer traded with Sensation EA??????

Or what??

My account in pellucidfx did not trade yet since installed.

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