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LUX (de Marcel Durham )

Ganancia : +7968.21%
Disminución 11.82%
Pips: 13644.4
Transacciones 329
Tipo: Real
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Trading: Desconocido

Discusión LUX

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Oct 06 2021 at 11:49
posts 210
Setting goals and a trading plan is the basic skill for trading on financial markets.
My goals are displayed on myfxbook page

- Daily done 100%
- Weekly done 80%
- Monthly done 46%
- Yearly done 77%

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Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Oct 13 2021 at 08:32
posts 210
Bitcoin's key 57700 level was not passed as easily as 52k and 55k before, and a slight correction beset the inspired investors. Nevertheless, the upward channel continues and either it will expand to 60k, or a correction will form within this channel amplitude, up to 50k, as in September.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Oct 14 2021 at 12:20
posts 210
I hope the next level $60k will be passed easily.

But nevertheless, there will be a correction, because any movement is followed by retracement.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Oct 22 2021 at 08:17
posts 210
Well, now we have Bitcoin at $ 63k, new high level has been marked. I believe that this impulse is not over yet and the price growth will be continued next week.
Forex trading this week is over for me. You can see the trades history on the account data page. The result is profit, but I see those points that have to be analysed and improved... will do it on weekend.

Nov 14 2021 at 14:30
posts 372
You're talking a lot about BTC trades but you don't have any BTC trade in your account. 🙄
Also: more than 900k invested, but only more than 100k withdrawn. Looks just like one of those AccentForex scams again.
Connrad Dorsey (yefoledy)
Nov 14 2021 at 14:37
posts 30
@marco_mmbiz indirect talk to attract new investors and still their money. This is the old style, that ponzzi scheme! In about 1-2 months will get the money and simulate some new covid flew and all investors will be bankrupt :-))

save this message because he will block me soon!

So: stay away from this broker and so called manager or managers !
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Nov 18 2021 at 10:43
posts 210
I recently started a blog thread about analysing trading history.
The main idea is that correcting your own mistakes and getting the most profitable trade is possible only with detailed processing and analysing of your trades. I decided that my posts might be useful on forums. It will also be a great opportunity for discussion.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Nov 18 2021 at 10:49
posts 210
– MACD signal
– EMA 200 breakout
– According to the trend.
The stop loss is set below the resistance level. There is an alternative to exit the market in case of resistance at the 1.18100

I rushed, not receiving a clear confirmation from main indicators, and at the same time did not foresee a possible movement through the 78.6% retracement level.
It was possible to set a stop loss closer, just above the key level 1.18600, that’s breakout opens continued growth. If the uptrend were broken, there would be a risk of the fall completion at the key support 1.17950. The trade might have had to be closed prematurely with a small profit.

– Clear MACD and RSI indicators confirmation
– The key high level 1.19060 was not broken
– Opening time frame is 4 hours.
The stop loss was moved to the profit at 1.18562 in case the key support at 1.18350 completes the decline.

– Quite risky buy trade on the downtrend correction, near its support
– The key fact is 50% correction level was reached taking into account 4 hours.
– Strict stop loss level.
Close on touch EMA 50 but I see that I rushed and missed 24 pips.

– Late but clear signal MACD
– EMA 50 touch
– correction depth is more than 50%
– confident downward.
Opening after a local upward correction and close by take profit before the key level 1.17300 and trend support.

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Nov 24 2021 at 23:32
posts 86
Why does your account disconnect when you go in drawdown?
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Nov 25 2021 at 12:23
posts 210
I see no reason to answer your strange question.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Nov 25 2021 at 12:30
posts 210
This trade displays a mistake in exit of the marke ( pound dollar ). I was planning to close this trade at 1.3360. I took into account the fact that the price was near the EMA 200 and had just overcome the 38.2% retracement, which propose a clear sell. On the 30 minute chart the MACD also indicated a possible reversal movement. Inspired by the fact that earlier the EMA 200 had not been passed, I decided to enter with sell. I set my stop loss above the EMA 200 in order to exit the market if it is broken.
The support at 1.34050 was falsely broken but I decided not to take profit and hope to reach the key target. It was a mistake, this trade did not bring me any profit.

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Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Nov 26 2021 at 10:48
posts 210
First of all you are spamming.

2nd: It's hard for me to understand what you are writing about.

3rd: I am not commenting on impoliteness / nonsense.

4th: if you have personal questions for me (for some reason), then write me a direct message.

5th: if you are blocked, then most likely you were impolite.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Nov 26 2021 at 11:04
posts 210
I am sure that even an aggressive person can be a good guy and we can find a common ground. Correct dialogue is always the way to resolve the question.
I do not know how I could harm someone, or perhaps you are motivated by a sense of competition. If you have your own opinion about a broker, it does not mean you can offend anyone who trade there.
It the end, this is just your personal opinion. If you want a dialogue, then start it politely, and not with unfounded blame.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Dec 06 2021 at 12:24
posts 210
Are you worried about Bitcoin? If yes, don't trade crypto.
Just accept this is a normal situation and decide if you want to participate in.

Btcusd passed the EMA 100, EMA 200 and broke the uptrend on Day. Let's see if $40,000 is reached.

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Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Dec 30 2021 at 11:58
posts 210
Let's go through the results of the year.

This trading year has been very active and fateful. Big changes opened up perspectives for a big future for me and the first year with the developed LUX trading system showed that I am really on the right track.
I am writing to you, my team and everyone who became a partner and investor, my sincere gratitude for your support and participation in the development of the LUX trading system project. Our work has brought us a good profit, hasn’t it?
The profitability in 2021 was 153.41%, exceeding my desired 150%. This gives me confidence that next year will be even more productive than this one.
I say goodbye to 2021 with nostalgia, but I meet 2022 with confidence and aspiration.
Wish you get all the success in 2022

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Jan 01 2022 at 16:02
posts 2
You use the 200MA ?
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Feb 18 2022 at 10:05
posts 210
Today I analyze the trade with the highest profitability in my account. It was made on February 10 on pound yen pair and reached to 75.5 points. This is not the highest number of points per trade in my account, but due to the lot, it was a record profit of $ 128,857.85.
The MACD indicators on the 30 minute and hour charts showed a buy signal, while the general trend direction on the four hour chart was consistent with this data, but the MACD just started to cross the signal line. The position of the chart above the EMA 200 and 100 lines also indicated the continuation of the uptrend. I set my take profit below the key resistance level of 157.700 and the trade was closed at 157.435, although I could have taken more profit if I believed the trend was expanding and reaching 158.0.
I was too cautious in this situation, but nevertheless, I completed the trading task and made a profit.

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Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Mar 08 2022 at 11:43
posts 210
The two trades that I announced yesterday are closed, you can see in the report
Now I have opened a Pound Yen sell and I will give a report after the close. Watch this trade also on myfxbook

It's only the beginning of the month and I'm going to hit my target of 10% in March.
February was really successful with the result of 13.46%. By the way, the report for February is ready on the website

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Mar 08 2022 at 17:16
posts 24
It seems to me that fresh insanity is already now. 😁 Maybe alien invaders raised the Brent price?
By the way, @MarcellusLux have you thought about trading energy resources? This will be popular in today's world.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Mar 09 2022 at 13:18
posts 210
@MuriceZoby @BONNEK I see that you are just fake accounts clones, but nevertheless, provide me with (evidence) information that you are investors and then the conversation can continue.
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