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I first started trading stocks back in 2008 using fundamentals, but that lasted about a year, I stopped trading due to a hurricane of events that came across my life and I changed priorities. Early 2021 I was approached to forex trading by a friend of mine and got a mentor who explained me the Elliot wave principle and harmonic patterns. Since the very begining I started an intense journey, practicing not only what i had recently learnt but also a variety of methodologies (Support & resistance, SMC. ICT, etc.) After having gone over all these learnings I realized Elliot waves is what best suits me and that´s what I use. Since last year I have passed three prop firm challenges and mid 2023 I started trading with my own money.

Estilo de trading:
I am a swing trader using Elliot waves on the 4H and D1 charts.

KISS (Keep it stupid & simple)

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