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Nombre Massi

Since my childhood I loved math and I was always fascinated by the financial markets. That's why I chose financial market as my specialty in college!

I chose forex as my own business, my goal isn't to become rich, but to test my ability to succeed in making something special in my life without anyone's help, all the money I've invested in this market is my own money that I earned with my hard work. I hope I can make my dreams come true, and I wish good luck to all other traders no matter what are their goals here!

Estilo de trading:
All styles according to market conditions (scalping, day trading and swing)
Manual trading
Combination of fundamental and technical system!

Quand on veut on peut

Experiencia Más de 5 años

Localización dz

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Registrado Jan 16 2014 at 11:50

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