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one day i have problem with fbs and i contact live chat fbs ,it was so easy because i can speak malay in live chat and the support can understand my problem and solve very fast,thanks FBS
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I'm happy with FBS because I have a lot of friends who want to learn and participate in trade forex, so having an IB program from FBS has benefited me as a result of commissions from my business and also promotions that have enabled me to receive many exciting gifts😀😀
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Victoriano posted:
anyone have any comments about this broker?
fire good
posts 4
They actually don't accept US clients.
posts 4
I am keep getting below message. I am not sure if it's a genuine broker.

This site can’t be reached The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
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One of a genuine broker. Many times get free bonus and completed requirement lots. After withdraw. Withdrawal done within 2 hours by perfectmoney.
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Magrs7 posted:
They are scam,they just do whatever they want,i made bonus on forum and then I made decent profit without even hedging and then they cancelled all my bonus and profit without any reason.
Bonus will be cancelled if there's a draw down of 30%. you got to read that bro.
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We have a big problem in Turkish forex Companies with new regulations. After that, I started to search foreign forex companies and I start to trade with many of them. I decided to stay with FBS because they have good leverage level, low spread, and Turkish customer service... And money withdraw is safer as far as I realize
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FBS is really good broker. I Like their customer support and fast order execution. Their Spread is really fair
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chanel posted:
hi guys which is the account showed under myfxbook spread comparison? The tightest with no commissions???


Thank you for your inquiry - The account is ECN Account. It does have commission - take a look here to get more information . We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have via Live Chat, which is available in the bottom right corner on our website. Wishing you HAPPY and PROFITABLE TRADING!
posts 49
hi guys which is the account showed under myfxbook spread comparison? The tightest with no commissions???
posts 8
To get back the fund from the online brokers is always the leading concern

In the event of withdrawal, FBS is excellent. Receiving my funds to my e-wallet within a couple of minutes! Never had any problem

A reliable broker. Thank you FBS!
posts 4
Very professional Broker!
Patience is important...
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Thank you Mahmah for sending the chat. As we have stated above, your commission was cancelled only for 4 of your clients, which traded in violation of partner commission clause 7.4

7.4. In case partner commission was received for Buy and Sell orders opened for the same instrument and held in the market simultaneously, while the difference between the opening prices of the orders was less than 5 points, the Company has ground to consider the partner's actions fraudulent and reserves the right to cancel the paid commission (the value is valid for 4-digit quotes. For 5-digit quotes a difference between opening and closing price should exceed 59 points).

We hope that this clarifies the situation, and hope to continue our cooperation. if you have any further questions or needed clarification - please let us know.

Thank you.
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This is the conversation of FBS and mine.

(08:57:01) mah: i got 100 clients
(08:57:05) mah: 1 of them
(08:57:09) mah: violate rules
(08:57:20) mah: then fbs cancel 100 clients commmsion
(08:57:38) mah: FBS win already . big winner
(08:58:16) mah: BUY - 1.10950 SELL - 1.10944 different 6 points. consider okay?
(08:59:47) Kristie: Yes, we are allowed to cancel all commission <-------- (1) allow to cancel all commission.
(08:59:59) Kristie: Aas for your example: it is 5 digit quote
(09:00:24) Kristie: The difference should be 59 points <------- (2) trader can't trade buy/sell in same time. hedging is not allow!
(09:01:33) mah: BUY - 1.10950 SELL - 1.10890 only valid?
(09:01:46) Kristie: Yes, for example
(09:02:07) mah: come on.. do you have see scapler or hedging before?
(09:02:30) mah: they are earning 0.00001-0.00005
(09:02:42) mah: i read online
(09:02:54) mah: the gap is so big
(09:03:03) mah: i am stunned
(09:03:36) Kristie: Sir, these rules are not applied for trading in general. But when it comes to receiving commission from trading (partner or cashback), then a client is not allowed to trade with less price gap

As from the converstation. As the agent has said it.

posts 7
Dear Mahmah!
We are glad to know that first of all you have contacted our customer support in order to resolve the situation. Though, we are sorry, that our customer support’s explanation didn’t satisfy you and we consider that this issue should be clarified here, so everyone could see our point.

As you have rightly pointed out - our customer support has informed you, that your partner’s commission has been cancelled due to the violation of the rules. In the first place we would like to remind you that each client before becoming an FBS Partner confirms that he/she has read Partner Agreement and has no objection to it. According to the Partner Agreement:
7.4. In case partner commission was received for Buy and Sell orders opened for the same instrument and held in the market simultaneously, while the difference between the opening prices of the orders was less than 5 points, the Company has ground to consider the partner's actions fraudulent and reserves the right to cancel the paid commission (the value is valid for 4-digit quotes. For 5-digit quotes a difference between opening and closing price should exceed 59 points).
As we see in our system, you have 4 clients. We have checked the trading history of all of your clients and have found out that all of them were using hedged positions, while the difference between the opening prices of these orders was less than 5 (59) points. Unfortunately, this may be considered as the proof that the Partner commission in this case has been received with the help of fraudulent actions.
Thus, your statement that if one client violates the rules, all Partner commission is cancelled is not true, since in your case all of your clients were using this scheme. We would like you to note that only that commission is cancelled, which has been got for the hedged orders with the difference between the opening prices less than 5 (59) points.
As you may see, the condition about the difference in 5 (59) points doesn’t mean that the hedging is not allowed.

We hope that we have managed to clarify all the issues and have high expectation that such situation will not take place in the future.
posts 2
I have register an IB account at FBS.
Then i invite friends to trade.

After that my commission was removed and same goes to my upline.

I have livechat with FBS. they said i violate rules.
The rules - hedging between are too close. all the buy and sell must more than 6 pip/60 points.

For scalper trader - not allow to take tp too little.
For hedging trader - can't buy and sell in 6 pips/60 points. FBS never think of hedging strategy.

For IB . i have livechat with them.
If you have 100 clients, you have to monitor and take care all the trading.
if any one of the client are violate rules(hedging on 6pip/60points).
all of your commission will be cancelled.

Problem is , some clients are from website affiliate. which don't even know who is them. we just make a deal, when i got commission then pay them certain percentage. ( this is very common in forex deal)

** 1 client violate , other client commission will cancel**

seems this is the TRAP by giving high commission . all IB hardwork will waste in the end.
FBS is the winner in the end.
posts 259
I've been trading from one broker to another broker for 2 years, until i find fbs that can provided what i need, very fast WD, low spread,credit 100% of deposit,local support for my country....and the interesting point for me is my account is no commission and no swap so i can trade fairly without subtraction and addition. So i am planning to stay in FBS.
posts 7
Novar posted:
Full market maker broker, using virtual dealer plugin almost are possible.
2 to 6 second to close a trade !!!

imagine a sery of 10 trade can take 1 minute to close and of course in loss every time

and for withdrawal never amount you ask so you need to make many withdrawal and pay many fees every time to receive uor money

GO AWAY !!! You will never win at the end here 😇

Dear Snoopy!
First of all, we would love to ask you for relevant proof that FBS company is Market Maker.
Please, kindly take into consideration, that FBS doesn’t use such production of MetaQuotes, since we are regulated STP & ECN broker. We can recommend you to contact MetaQuotes to make sure that FBS never purchased virtual dealer plugin.

Considering execution time, please, take notice that the time of the order processing depends on the connection between the client terminal and the Company’s server, as well as on the current market conditions. During regular market hours the order processing time usually is 1 to 5 seconds. In irregular market conditions, the processing time can last longer.
In case of slow orders execution, please, try to rescan the servers. To do this, left-click on the green-and-red icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your trading platform and choose “Rescan servers”.

Thank you
posts 7
MountainKing posted:
I came to them from an IB who offers free VPS for my robots -- and this is the only reason to stay.

Cent account

Fee for money in/out. I didnt pay much attention and deposited using Skrill: 7.5% fee(!).
Not regulated
Interest on swap (long AND short); no way to get swap free account.
Strange things in order execution: my Grid traders always win (semi automatic, I look at fundamentals, too).
  Green numbers every day. Same constellation -- different brokers. This night 1 of them produced RED at FBS.
  I compared with the other (good) brokers: All the trades from the grid traders basket closed within 6s with nice profit.
  Same robot / same parameters on FBS: FAT RED numbers. Why that??
  The basket of trades was closed wihtin... not 6s -- on FBS the robot needed 32 MINUTES to close the trades... 😡

Dear MountainKing!
First of all, we are glad to know that you liked the trading conditions of our Cent account type.

Though we are sorry, that some kind of misunderstanding has taken place.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that all commissions for deposits and withdrawals a client may find both on the site page ( ) and in your Personal Area (you can see the fee right before making a deposit or withdrawal request).

Considering your remark about FBS regulation, please, kindly let us remind you that FBS is authorized and regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). IFSC serves as regulator of financial services at the international level and ensures that only the company's high degree of reliability and the level of social responsibility are able to carry out their activities in the territory of Belize and beyond.
Also, in December 20, 2013 FBS has entered a self-regulatory organization non-commercial partnership 'Center of regulation of OTC financial instruments and technologies' (CRFIN).

The next thing that we would like to mention is that we do have swap-free option. This option is available for Muslims only. If you are a citizen of a country, where one of the dominating religions is Islam, you can switch swap-free option right in your Personal Area.

As for your long execution situation, we would highly appreciate if you contact our customer support and specify the time, date, account number and order numbers so we could check it thoroughly and take measures.

Also, we would like to remind you that different brokers have different liquidity providers and trading strategy/EA settings that work for one broker, not always work for the other broker, unfortunately.
Thank you for understanding!
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