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Discusión acerca de Milton Markets

Semen Markovic (Semen4Markovic)
Nov 21 2020 at 03:56
1 mensajes
Found Milton via myfxbook PAMM managers, joining is as easy as pie. Thier navagiation and user experience are so seemless, I cosinder opening my own pamm.

James Calney (James8Calney)
Dec 15 2020 at 12:57
1 mensajes
While their upbeat performance on PAMM drove me to Milton, lesser spreads and helping customer services kept me with them since last 9 months. Still trading, not so much profit lately though…

Keep em coming...
Aizek Aik (Aizek2Aik)
Jan 07 at 12:41
1 mensajes
Although the one-sided market could be the reason for my happiness. Though, the profits would have been way less if Milton would have cheated on slippages like other so-called FX brokers.

Magda Viotti (Magda4Viotti)
Jan 26 at 11:55
1 mensajes
Besides the ususal, Milton Markets adds extra integrity to the mix. I didn’t even have to write a bad review to turn their attention to the incorrect candle that showed up on WTI Oil chart.

Love the way they describe trading fees in terms pf “typical fees. Must have borrowed it from brokerchooser.

Work hard, earn big...
Mathew Stinger (Methew6Stinger)
Feb 14 at 05:25
1 mensajes
Like average naïve FX trader, I was a bonus-lover and liked the fancy broker. Though, Milton taught me how good it is without any major bonus and so called traps to woo customers.

Master all the moves for a stellar performance...
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