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Milton Markets Review Scores

Overall score: 4.2 / 5

Total votes: 18
Customer service
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Milton Markets Discussion

Mykola Sereda (MykolaSereda7)
Sep 07 at 12:37
1 posts
Milton has a good mix of currencies, crypto and stocks, nice reach in Asia as well. Have been with them since a year.

Toivo Eitersen (Toivo2Eitersen)
Aug 08 at 13:19
1 posts
The pandemic stopped many wheels and resulting payments but Milton never delayed my withdrawal request. Many thanks Milton!

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Timo Turner (Timo2Turner)
Jul 30 at 13:45
1 posts
There's no point in hanging to a broker that offers huge bonus but STEALS it with cheap tactics. I lost heavily with my previous two and learned the hard way before joining Milton.

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Elias Fischer (Elias2Fischer)
Jul 04 at 12:40
1 posts
Tried my luck at many places, lost a couple of bucks, but at the end I found the pearl, MIlton Try yourself and thank me later!

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Tommy Wiso (tomy2wiso)
May 30 at 04:21
1 posts
Shocked how more brokers don’t present trading conditions in a similar way to milton.

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Mike Skinner (Mike4Skinner)
May 02 at 12:09
1 posts
One of the most affordable spreads at the level of service you are getting. I mean it’s superb what you can do with a help of an account manager, daily market research briefings and free access to live trading rooms with pretty big names in FX. Happy with the experience!

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Irakly (Irakly7Tavridze)
Apr 19 at 12:35
1 posts
Milton’s approach to Forex is a breath of fresh air, seriously, for how long can i be witnessing old, stocky dudes in the suites being pitched as your typical trader?

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Ashwin Tarkaza (Ashwin5Tarkaza)
Apr 01 at 13:52
1 posts
Despite not having as strong of a local presence, milton makes it easier to do money operations than many established local players. That speaks volumes to me about the way they run business. The rest is more or less the same, maybe a bit cheaper around the edges.

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Jasper Van Tajk (Jasper4van)
Mar 16 at 12:57
1 posts
Their support team is such darling, despite a strong Japanese accent I was amused and invigorated by their helping hand and professional approach!

Mathew Stinger (Methew6Stinger)
Feb 14 at 05:25
1 posts
Like average naïve FX trader, I was a bonus-lover and liked the fancy broker. Though, Milton taught me how good it is without any major bonus and so called traps to woo customers.

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