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Guten Morgen in die Runde

Ich nutze Cheap-Forex-VPS seit März 2020 - angefangen mit dem kleinsten Paket, welches öfter 'hängen' blieb, hatte ich mich schnell entschlossen, um eine Stufe aufzustocken. (Das ging völlig unkompliziert - innerhalb weniger Stunden stand das größere Paket bereit)
 Bei durchschnittlich 10 Währungspaaren im automatisierten Trading im 1´bzw. 5´Minuten Time-Frame macht dies absolut Sinn, da doch eine Menge Daten fließen, die entsprechend Kapazitäten brauchen.
Es gab mal ein oder 2 Hängepartien, die aber eher auf meine Anfängerfehler zurückzuführen waren.
Cheap-Forex ist immer bemüht, schnellstmöglich Lösungen zu finden und sehr hilfsbereit.
Seit dem letzten Serverumzug im Oktober 2020 läuft das Programm stabil durch - Trotz U.S. Wahl, Corona, und allem anderen,...
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Pack den Stier bei den Hörnern
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I have been using Cheap Forex VPS for over 4 years, 3 different servers.
Their customer service is excellent. If I have any issues they are very helpful and very quick to respond. Those that are having slow response, I would recommend checking your internet connection and stability. This issue can cause freezing, from experience.
I recommend them highly and their prices are very competitive!
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Cheap forex vps has been complete garbage for me and a huge waste of time and money. They claim to have 99% uptime and claim to be good enough to run 1 MT4 platform but I have been using them for about a month and after comparing my EA trade results with others, I had a developer look into my MT4/vps to see why my returns have been so dismal and it is because I constantly kept losing Data connection as was shown in my journal tab. When I complained to the company and tried to get a refund they told me I had to upgrade to a better VPS which is not right as they claimed the one I purchased would be sufficient for my needs. Using this VPS caused my trading account to lose money due to the connectivity issues, they claimed my MT4 was too 'resource heavy' which is a joke as I was running 1 MT4 platform with 1 EA on it, bare charts. No refund offered, nothing.. Please save yourself and choose a VPS service who aren't total . Very disappointed in their horrible service and terrible customer service.
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These guys use to be good in the begning, but now, they are offering horrible services.
They shut down, re-bot, apply maintence without any single contact telling that they wil do.
My vps still running, got a 2 years contract, so, nothing to do... have to wait until end.
I code my own systems, you should try yourself.
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I have been using cheap forex vps for a couple of years to run my expert advisor. The company has never failed to impress me with their speed of action whenever i send them a request. There was never a downtime during the trading days. The latency is to my satisfaction. I have and will continue to support and recommend cheap forex vps to my trading friends. Awesome work guys!
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Dear jasper78,

First of all we are sorry you stay unsatisfied with our service, but as my colleague mentioned your VPS was overloaded and your chosen plan resources wasn't enough for your requirements. Also when system work on overloaded resources it become unstable and therefore was done everything to prevent that, we even added more resources then your plan should has. Also I see that in middle of march you decided to upgrade your VPS to higher one and after upgrade and 2 more CPU cores added there wasn't any inquiry to our tech support, so as conclusion there are was our true that all your issues was because of insufficient resources and I believe now when it resolved you become our satisfied customer and will change your mind after a while.

Best regards,
Cheap Forex VPS support,
Lily Patterson

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Worst vps i had so far... I asked them wich package i could use to manage 20 mt4 platforms. the answer was the Ultra package should work fine. I started using it with 10 platforms and was working fine, until after 1,5 weeks the speed went down drasticly. Windows kept getting stuck so had to reboot about 8 times in a week. I couldnt login numerous times, when finally i went down to 3 platforms it kept working, but still terribly slow i asked for a refund(paid a whole year in advance) i got this answer:

Dear jasper de knegt,

Probably you have some powerful EA, as in most cases our customers with Ultra plan hold 20-25 MT4.
As for you inquiry unfortunately you are now out of our 5-day money back guarantee so refund is not possible but we will try to do our best to resolve your issues. Right now we have added more CPU resources, even more then Ultra plan usually has but if it still doesn't help we will recommend to check your MT4 and EA settings or launch less MT4 terminals.

Best Regards,
Janet Evans
Cheap Forex VPS support team

I use the same EA on my other vps services and none of them have any problem. The reboots during trading hours costed me a lot of money already, so i wont be using it anymore, i let 3 platforms running to see if anything changed, but it still terrible. So i dont advice anyone to get your vps here.
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successwill posted:
Anyone using this service with scalper EAs? A lot of good reviews but is it fast enough to run scalpers?

You shouldn't worry about that as we (Cheap Forex VPS) give 5-day money back guarantee. So you can order our service, try it within 5 days and ask for refund if it is not acceptable for you.

Best regards,
Cheap Forex VPS support,
Lily Patterson
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Anyone using this service with scalper EAs? A lot of good reviews but is it fast enough to run scalpers?
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Second year with them, not a problem. Great value, only had a couple of maintenance jobs but that was on a weekend and they let you know you need to connect again. Very good.
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A very lousy VPS, purchase deluxe plan start using few day already sudden unable access, all mt4 setting inside cannot running, causing us huge lost. Finally need support help reboot only enable access back VPS, & all mt4 setting gone & need re-do again. Ask can I cancel purchase refund my yearly payment no reply
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price is good, but loses connection
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Just setup a vps with them, had a Licensing issue with Ninjatrader that it wouldn't connect to its server and they helped me out right away. Ninjatrader now fixed and I'm very happy using them. Their customer service is fast and their prices are very attractive.
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Cheap and good. why use others?
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I really love Cheap Forex VPS! I've had nothing but great service from them and they are extremely fast at getting back to me. I would recommend this VPS service to everyone!
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I have been using them for 9 months and running 6 platforms at once no problem and anytime I had problems it was solved very fast. Really like them and will continue to use them.
We believe high performance is achieved by taking a long-term outlook.
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I have been with Cheap Forex VPS the past few months, all I can say is they have been outstanding. MY EA's work fine, have been profitable and if I did have any problems with my MT4 or account, they have been responsive and resolved any and all issues. I give them credit for their fair pricing. I've upgraded my account and may upgrade again later down the road when I add more EA's. I would give them a try, great service and fair pricing deserves business.
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This is definitely the best value for your money, been using for just over 6 months. Very consistent, solid, setup, efficient.
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I have been using Cheap Forex VPS for about one year and I must say I very happy with it. Their price and service is very cost-effect for testers like me 😁😁
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I'm customer over a year and everything is fine. At the beginning i had some perfomance problems on the first and smallest VPS, but the perfomance seems to be rised over the year, i never had problems since then. User support is friendly, they answer all questions within reasonable time.
Right now i have four VPS with them. Look for the 24 months fees, it's really a good rate compared to some VPS with big theater internet web pages and even bigger promises. cheap forex web page is more background and that's what is the way i like.

A general thing for all VPS :
-You should watch the memory and cpu in hard times (FED) etc. Therefore do not spare the money and overload your VPS too much. If currency prices do not change, you MT4 terminals do not need that much ressources. In times of heavy movements all MT4 of all VPS in the world trade at the same time, your VPS will need more ressouces and surely more CPU than in quite times. That is what i observed the last year.
-When to decide a big or two less configured VPS in sum equal to the big i'd choose the two smaller. That's my opinion. You have double the channels to trade and you can spread heavy CPU consuming EAs over your VPS and add some few consuming EA. This is kind of balancing. Better is to just have two bigger VPS of course and to keep them not overloaded at any time ;)
- the number of terminals per VPS is not the only thing, you also have to count your charts/ea in any mt4 instance. Use the task manager and look for the ressources, that is what counts finally. Keep your CPU below 50% in quiet times.

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