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Do any forex brokers offer crypto deposit?

Dec 31 2021 at 10:38
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Eagle FX does offer btc deposits. the spreads arent great tho trading crypto on there. but lots of pairs.
Jan 30 at 16:38
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AliaDare posted:
momo3HC posted:
AliaDare posted:
Crypto trading is rarely found in FX brokers. It is not possible to get all the coins together except Bitcoin.
You`re wrong. I`m using fx broker to trade crypto as well and have more than 30 crypto pairs to trade.
I understand but cryptocurrency is very close and considering that context, if you buy a low value coin, you will have more share of profit, that platform is not usually available in fx market. Coin does not provide forex market without stable. That's why we don't get small coin in fx market.
We`re talking about trading, not hodling.
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