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My Favourite pairs

Dec 04 2020 at 18:07
posts 123
Mathias88 posted:
A very interesting thread :)
My favorite pair is GBPJPY.

I am afraid this thread is doomed to a quick death because discussion is impossible. Everyone has their own favorite pair and this is impossible to dispute in my opinion.

True, but also there's no need to dispute anything. All that matters is that everyone has something they are comfortable with - there are many options and many ways to make a currency pair work.

Dec 22 2020 at 08:20
posts 30
My favorite pair is EURUSD.

Jan 15 at 09:43
posts 21
I find GBP/USD and EUR/JPY to be profitable and I’ve even made some decent returns on these. Good choice.

Jan 16 at 06:52
posts 103
Any major pairs are good, but I would say GBPUSD is the best one.

Jan 25 at 14:43
posts 34
My favourite pair is EURUSD because it is easy to track and learn its movements, but recently GPBUSD also seems to be profitable, and I'm able to make a decent amount of return on it.

Feb 12 at 12:00
posts 25
Well, these are very good pairs and can even be quite profitable at times. EUR/USD is literally my favourite pair of all.

Feb 18 at 05:42
posts 102
Major pairs are the ones I prefer more often.

Feb 24 at 12:08
posts 18
Yes, these pairs can be profitable and are pretty safe to trade against the market volatility. I also have been trading these for some time.

Feb 26 at 12:11
posts 23
The major currency pairs are surely a good bet for me.

Mar 01 at 14:52
posts 29
My favourite pair is EURUSD and GPBUSD because it is most volatile during any market hours and so far have faced any major losses using these two pairs.

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