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Any 500 to 1 leverage brokers left?

Jan 28 at 13:58
posts 13
I think that you can still find enough brokers with this leverage or even higher. Just be attentive when conducting your search.
I personally think that 1:500 is already dangerous. I think that 1:200 or 1:300 would be a reasonable leverage size.
Feb 02 at 05:01
posts 38
There are many brokers who offer 500:1 leverage, such as FinproTrading, EagleFx, Sagefx and Paxforex. I have personally used finprotrading out of the list, quite happy with them.
Feb 02 at 07:34
posts 1
vitalmarkets allday
Feb 02 at 07:52
posts 399
I use brokers with 500:1 leverage mainly CedarFX atm. I used to have the idea that regulated was a must but i dont anymore. The truth is these unregulated brokers like CedarFX, ICM Seychelles and others are making a lot of money as a broker themselves. Times have changed and there are so many retail traders that cant use a 30:1 leverage broker as dont have the capital. There is such a demand for these brokers they are just as reliable as regulated imo
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Feb 02 at 17:46
posts 377
It can be difficult to find if you only look at regulated brokers, but there are options as far as unregulated brokers go. I know LonghornFX goes up to 1:500 and has a lot of crypto options, but can't think of any others off the top of my head at the moment.
Feb 07 at 08:36
posts 183
i have seen so many regulated brokers still cheating with their clients. its really a upset issue
Feb 07 at 14:30
posts 9
You do not need 1:500 in order to trade. 1:30 is enough. Just manage your account properly
Feb 08 at 13:46
posts 939
Are you sure you need such a shoulder?
Feb 08 at 14:30
posts 801
To use such brokers, you need to have enough experience...
Feb 25 at 11:12
posts 415
master800ve posted:
No roboforex please.
May I know why do you need this kinda high trading leverage? What’s the actual benefit of 500:1 trading leverage? According to my own experience, high trading leverage is so destructive!
Mar 07 at 07:41
posts 8
I trade a couple of assets with 500:1 leverage on LonghornFX. They are always on point with withdrawals. That's why I chose them. Make sure to hedge your trades when you use a leverage of this kind. Cheers!
Mar 07 at 08:49
posts 134
I trade with CedarFX. They offer 1:500 leverage on currencies. Please keep it it mind that leverage can be a double edged sword. Thus, it needs to be chosen very carefully. I am wishing you all the very best.
Mar 07 at 12:02
posts 939
Isn't that too risky?
Seb King (sebking1986)
Mar 07 at 12:21
posts 538
Leverage is risky if you trade in a risky way. Leverage itself can be a good thing if you aren't a complete clown.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Mar 07 at 18:57
posts 102
yeah people been trading with 1:500 leverage a lot of them do it now days and just trying to compete with each other, EagleFX has offered 1:500 on forex and 1:100 on crypto for years now with no issues.
Mar 17 at 06:06
posts 48
Coinexx is still offering 500x
Mar 31 at 20:42
posts 300
Of course. There's plenty left even but I`m with EagleFX in example and all's fine.
Apr 06 at 10:47
posts 38
Sure, there are. In fact I am using a regulated broker Fxview. However, they only provide 500X on major pairs, for cross pairs, it is 300X.
Apr 07 at 05:20
posts 415
Leverage is a facility provided by a broker. It is such a facility that enables a trader to take more risk beyond the ratio of his capital. The higher the leverage amount is, the higher the risk is. That’s low trading risk is always preferred.
Apr 07 at 07:35
posts 54
There are a few brokers like CMC, Global Prime, and FP Markets that I am aware of that provide 500:1 leverage with proper regulations.
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