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Basic mistake we make

Jan 18 at 07:41
posts 15
The basic mistake that new traders make is that they are not prepared with the research and knowledge needed to make an informed decision. Inexperienced traders are often not ready for the emotional roller coaster associated with trading. This leads them to make rash decisions that end up costing them a lot of money.

Jan 22 at 14:19
posts 9
It is true, however, it is very difficult to keep on learning without having any results for a long time. This thing should be dealt on your own and there are some moments when you have just learn and get new knowledge whatever happens and after it you will be able to trade safely and efficiently.

Jan 22 at 18:27
posts 538
In order to avoid banal mistakes, I took the time to work on the demo account of the Amarkets broker. This allowed me to gain enough experience for the job.

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