Best forex broker for scalping and zero spread?

Jul 17, 2021 at 04:19
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Sep 25, 2021 at 17:10
Thanks to all for suggestions
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Oct 04, 2021 at 10:36
Smith2525 posted:
Never seen one with zero spread..... If there offer it, be very cautious as they will be a market maker.
Isn’t zero spread a myth? Don’t understand why people even think that brokers are gonna offer them 0 spreads and even if they do, we need to know that their commission charges also peak up. Imo, it is safe that we choose someone who is offering a good deal of low spreads and low commissions. I know one - fxview whose spreads & commissions are low, likewise you’ll find many others.
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Oct 20, 2021 at 08:15
Try out coinexx- fast order execution and narrow spreads. Good for scalping.
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Oct 27, 2021 at 11:22
In my opinion, FP Markets is a reliable broker for scalping; their spreads began at 0.0pips for most parts of the trade with lower slippages and commission costs.
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Oct 28, 2021 at 08:27
I agree with Bradley88 that FP Markets is suitable for scalping. I have traded with a couple of brokers, but the spreads in FP Markets were better.

The spreads in FP markets start from 0.0pips for most parts of the day with some of the lowest commission costs, and their execution speed is pretty fast.
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Nov 02, 2021 at 11:34
The broker has to make money so zero spread is not going to happen unless you pay commission.....
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Dec 05, 2021 at 19:47
Choosing a low-spread Forex trading platform is especially important for scalping.
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