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Can forex trading make you rich ?

Aug 02 at 10:52
posts 18
There is no guarantee of a trader getting rich with forex trading. It’s in his hands how he performs to take advantage of the forex market. Sometimes, strategies would work and sometimes they would fail. It’s you who has to keep working and finding ways of staying in the market for the longest time.
Aug 04 at 07:30
posts 49
Yes, forex trading can make you rich but you need to have proper knowledge about the trading strategies. Plus you should be consistent in your trading journey.
Aug 04 at 10:05
posts 29
It can but you can never be sure about it. Every trader has a different trading career and they better not set unrealistically high expectations that will prove wrong in the live market.
Aug 05 at 07:00
posts 111
Yes, if you have a good understanding of the market and forex trading, you can make a lot of money. Forex trading is undeniably profitable, and you can make a lot of money based on your knowledge and expertise.
Aug 05 at 11:11
posts 13
Forex trading can surely help you earn money, but only if you know how to place trades effectively.
Aug 06 at 08:17
posts 15
Yes, if you place winning trades.
Aug 11 at 09:19
posts 26
If someone wants to supplement his/her income, then forex can be a good choice, but if someone wants to get rich overnight, then forex trading is a bad choice because it takes time to learn, understand, trade and then, start earning something from trading.
Aug 14 at 10:53
posts 62
learning is important there is no way to ignore but in spite of having much learning approach the result of trading can be useless if there is no regular level of practice.
Aug 17 at 19:59
posts 27
I think any business that brings in money can make you rich.
It all depends on two things:
1. How much at most it can bring in;
2. What level of expertise you have.
As far as we know, Forex market has no limit on profits. It all depends on the volatility of the market, the size of the deposit and your trading strategy. So if you want to make a million, it is possible.
What about expertise... This is an important thing.
You have to understand 100% of the market, have several profitable trading strategies, and be a true professional.
In this case success is guaranteed!
So. Forex market can really make you rich.
Not many traders can do it.
Suradi (FXOday)
Aug 17 at 23:52
posts 398
Just works like another business, there are people get success and become rich, there are people get fail and maybe losing money, included forex business, some people maybe get rich from forex industry, but some other people maybe get fail and losing money in trading, it will depends on our capability and destiny
Aug 18 at 04:45
posts 53
If you are an exceptionally good Forex trader, this could make you wealthy. But one should know when to enter and exit the market.
Aug 19 at 04:17
posts 57
According to statistics, the majority of aspiring forex traders fail, and some even incur major financial losses. So, it completely depends on your knowledge and skills.
Aug 23 at 07:07
posts 19
Forex has tremendous potential to make anyone rich. But it is only one's knowledge and experience that makes one so. It is useless to trade without knowledge because then, trading will just be a damp squib.
Aug 24 at 07:27
posts 21
You can see many professional forex traders who have gotten rich from trading alone. So, it is possible but hard to achieve in reality. It would be better if we focus more on developing our skills and grow at our own pace without unrealistic expectations. You should start by setting attainable goals and then move towards bigger goals as you gain experience.
Aug 25 at 18:46
posts 40
It is definitely possible but most dont practice good risk management to make it possible
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PhoneticNachos (DavidWilks)
Aug 27 at 14:18
posts 14
Lots of ways to make money.

Forex trading is hard for 95%+ to be profitable long term. If you can't trade, just stop and buy dividend stocks, real estate etc.

After 8+ years of being a profitable trader, every single trader I have 'known' has failed and stopped except me.

I have no secret, no magic setup.

 Just the right combination of talent, intelligence, risk appetite, bankroll management, 'balls', insight, and dedication to succeed.

I have flipped countless accounts from $500 and grown to $2k+, made $20k in a little over a month, had over 70 trades in a row go my way, consistently have win rates over 70%.

Now I trade with around $5-10k a month, and usually make at least $500 a week. Each week/month I make more than I expect, I pull out and reset the growth, to protect the profits.
Protect against loses and the profits take care of themselves.
Sep 01 at 11:18
posts 34
Forex trading can make you rich when you know how to use it wisely which can be done with proper strategy and planning.
Sep 03 at 07:57
posts 49
Of course forex has the capacity to make you very rich.But you need to be very careful while making your trades as a slight carelessness might blow up your entire account.
Sep 03 at 14:32
posts 158
To catch the trend of market, traders should analyze the market scritinizely. A good entry can never be taken without determining whether the market is in the uptrend or downtrend.
Sep 03 at 17:03
posts 415
Until a trader doesn’t develop his own signal-making skill, he is not a good trader.
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