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Consistency is the brick

May 02 at 08:37
posts 16
Here, when we say consistency is brick, it means without receiving profits on a regular basis, you can’t invest more. There is no income, why would you blow up your account on funds you can’t afford when you can clearly strategise to earn profit consistently and effectively. Consistency is key to succeeding in trading, it comes with lots of discipline and patience. Traders must strive to be consistent if they plan on staying in the market for a longer period of time.
May 02 at 13:51
posts 7
Absolutely rightly pointed out. The position of the trader must be firm.
May 05 at 07:29
posts 16
Consistency is the foundation of a successful trading career. If you are consistent with your trading plan and present in FX regularly you’ll be able to develop good trading skills and gain experience leading success in the long run.
May 13 at 05:15
posts 78
Nearly all traders work to become consistently profitable. But not all of them are able to achieve the goal. It’s not easy for all traders to keep trading even if they are making losses. This is a major reason why the number of losing traders is so high.
Jun 10 at 04:59
posts 47
This is why no pro traders advise new traders to focus on making money, rather focus on becoming consistent so that you can make profits for a long time.
Jun 13 at 05:27
posts 44
I think consistency is something that comes from discipline. Without discipline it will be hard to maintain consistency. Forex trading is not a one time game that you can just play and get over with it. You will have to build your foundation brick by brick until you reach the desired level of success as a forex trader. Just do things at your own pace and compete with yourself. Success always comes to those who have skills and passion and take consistent efforts towards their goal. In that sense, consistency is indeed the brick when it comes to forex trading.
Jun 15 at 08:26
posts 258
consistency is everything in trading life as well real life.
Jun 20 at 04:52
posts 24
I agree with this. You need to become consistent as a forex trader to get long term success. It is fine to lose some trades once in a while but your winning streak should be good. It takes time to become consistently profitable in trading. But once you reach that level it is important to work hard to maintain consistency in trading.
Jun 20 at 11:22
posts 17
Consistency is the aim when people invest. To get consistent profit is what everyone works towards. This is only achievable if hard work and patience become skills the trader learns along the journey.
Jun 23 at 07:28
posts 16
Consistency is what takes you to success in forex trading. A professional forex trader will always be patient and consistent. And we should do the same to get success in the long run.
Jun 23 at 12:48
posts 10
Consistent investment is always the sensible choice. Investments made with random elections are as dangerous as gambling. You should follow the product well and make the investment accordingly. You can see how to be consistent by following successful investors.
Jun 24 at 05:00
posts 32
If you want to be consistent in forex trading, you should learn the fundamentals of the market and put in the effort to develop a good plan and strategy that will benefit you.
Jun 24 at 10:01
posts 20
Every trader’s aim is to achieve consistency at making profits but not all of them are able to achieve this goal and that’s simply because the strategies don’t yield results as expected. Bear in mind that for consistent trading results, you must be ready for consistent efforts that take you to the top in the forex market.
Jun 27 at 05:49
posts 26
Profitable traders are not the ones who make winning trades all the time. In fact, they are the ones who know how to handle their losses. They may not have 100% profitable strategies but they are profitable most of the time.
Jun 29 at 06:30
posts 21
Consistency is the brick to forming a successful storey of forex trading. A lot of times traders might feel like they should give up after blowing up their accounts. But blowing up accounts is quite common. You should have discipline to keep trading no matter what.
Jun 29 at 12:51
posts 71
Low trading spread is always desired by traders because it allows traders to take more profit. In a broker, there are numerous trading pairs and we have to select low spread-offering trading pairs to trade. It’s beneficial for our better gain.
Jul 04 at 04:32
posts 26
It is important to be consistent. Maintaining a level of consistency will assist you in effectively developing your skills as well as developing good risk management, which will allow you to have a good profit with a minimum risk.
Jul 04 at 06:26
posts 25
The ultimate goal of every trader is to become consistently profitable. It’s not possible to have a 100% winning rate but if it is more than 50%, you are doing far better than most traders out there. Just focus on getting better and that has nothing to do with how you do it.
Jul 04 at 13:36
posts 132
Hotheead posted:
It is important to be consistent. Maintaining a level of consistency will assist you in effectively developing your skills as well as developing good risk management, which will allow you to have a good profit with a minimum risk.
consistence is really important in real as well trading life.
Jul 05 at 11:54
posts 98
Never nurture high expectation until you are capable enough of trading. Try to be a trading veteran. Traders take years to develop this basic etiquette of trading. So we recommend traders strongly to avoid such mentality and develop the ability of being satisfied.
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