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Copy trading

Apr 06 at 17:13
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Membre depuis Apr 06, 2023   posts 2
Apr 06 at 17:13 (édité Apr 06 at 17:14)
Dear Traders,

What do you think about copy trading?

Thank you.

Membre depuis Mar 31, 2021   posts 221
Apr 06 at 20:31
You can try if you really want to. I did not appreciate copy trading. Dangerous thing if you contacted the wrong person. But it's up to you.
Think thrice before opening an order
Membre depuis Jan 06, 2022   posts 19
Apr 14 at 08:15
Copy trading is a method of trading in which an investor or trader copies the trades of another, more experienced trader. This is usually done through a trading platform that allows for social trading, where traders can follow and replicate the trades of others.

The main advantage of copy trading is that it allows investors with little or no experience in trading to benefit from the knowledge and skills of more experienced traders. They can potentially earn profits by copying their trades without having to invest a significant amount of time or effort in learning how to trade.

However, it is important to note that copy trading carries risks. Just because a trader has a good track record of successful trades, it does not guarantee future success. Furthermore, the copied trades might not be suitable for the investor's individual investment objectives or risk profile.

Overall, copy trading can be a useful tool for traders who are looking to benefit from the expertise of others, but it should be approached with caution and proper due diligence.

Membre depuis Oct 18, 2021   posts 90
Apr 17 at 08:18
Guys copytrading is the last century. Everyone goes into investing and that's okay. Someone as an investor, someone as a trader.
Membre depuis Aug 19, 2021   posts 199
Apr 17 at 19:46
Oh copy trading. Guys, until you learn to think with your head, lovers of copy trading will earn on you. lol.
Membre depuis Aug 19, 2021   posts 199
Apr 18 at 19:21
Oh if you are engaged in copy trading, of course, you will advertise it and talk about its profitability. lol.
Membre depuis Oct 09, 2020   posts 18
Apr 19 at 03:59
Forex copy trading is a type of trading in which an investor copies the trades of another successful trader. The process involves selecting a trader who has a successful track record and copying their trades in real-time. The investor will typically allocate a portion of their trading account to follow the selected trader, and the trades made by the trader will automatically be replicated in the investor's account.

Copy trading can be a useful tool for investors who are new to forex trading or who lack the time or expertise to conduct their own analysis and trading. By following the trades of successful traders, investors can potentially earn profits while learning from the strategies and techniques of more experienced traders.

However, it's important to note that copy trading does not guarantee profits and carries risks like any other form of trading. It's crucial to carefully evaluate the performance of the traders being copied, to manage risk by diversifying the portfolio, and to monitor the trades closely. It's also important to choose a reputable and reliable copy trading platform that provides transparent information about the traders being copied and their performance.
Membre depuis Oct 18, 2021   posts 90
Apr 19 at 11:34
It sounds great in words. But in reality, not every trader will be able to adapt trading on different accounts with different balances and leverage. Not to mention the factors of different brokers.
Membre depuis Mar 16, 2023   posts 7
Apr 24 at 16:49
Copying is like the same thing as trust management, isn't it? Because you have to fully trust and the losses will be the same.
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