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May 10 at 12:17
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May 10 at 12:17
Looking for an EXPERT ADVISOR in white-label that operate on Forex to customise and promote?

The software should have:
excellent win ratio (>80%)
high risk/drawdown management
linked to macroeconomic news
based on ADX, Moving Average and RSI

Thanks in advance for any advice
Membre depuis May 09, 2024   posts 4
May 15 at 20:45
Membre depuis Jun 28, 2016   posts 16
May 18 at 22:53
What do you mean?
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May 20 at 11:06
Oh interesting. Something impossible. Or if such an advisor exists, it must cost thousands of dollars. Lol.
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May 20 at 16:42
I see an increasng number of such EAs promoted with different labels, most of them working on Forex and with an high % of profit factor.

I'm just wondering how could I get my own EA to be promoted.
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