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Forex is not like gambling

Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 29 2022 at 01:08
posts 470
Forex is real business, buying and selling currency using another currency called pairs. Gambling relying upon luck and is fully speculative. Trading forex needs knowledge and understanding the psychological market. Forex is not gambling but high risk high gain business.
Sep 29 2022 at 09:04
posts 11
Some people don't see games in games either. It's just a way to make money. Forex is like any other business. With its risks and losses, luck and profit. In general, I believe money can be made on everything without exception.
Sep 30 2022 at 14:06
posts 219
Forex is an unstable and uncertain market where the risk takes a birth from this uncertainty. As an financial market, it’s quite natural that there will be upturn and downturn.
Oct 01 2022 at 11:52
posts 63
For long-term trading, you need strong market analysis. Internal and external market knowledge is essential.
Oct 04 2022 at 11:06
posts 26
Trading requires a mindset and skills that can be used in the best possible way, the results of which depend on the market conditions and the trader who trades. In gambling, however, there are no skills and only a mindset (filled with hope and false beliefs), and the results of gambling depend on the house (the house always wins), and the gambler has to lose. Trading is fair, while gambling is mostly unfair.
Oct 07 2022 at 07:43
posts 40
Trading is not gambling, traders use various strategies and tools to increase their chances of winning and be ahead of the market by studying and practically understanding the market by logic unlike gambling.
Oct 10 2022 at 08:27
posts 16
Forex trading is more like a logical speculation that is done after careful analysis of the market situation. Traders have a well defined strategy and risk management plan that they follow while trading and this is not something that a gambler would do. Forex trading is like a serious profession for me as I always work towards improving my skills as a trader to attain long term success.
Oct 19 2022 at 09:16
posts 8
Forex trading is not a game of chance. The foreign exchange market is a market where currencies are traded. Forex trading can make you wealthy if you are a hedge fund with big pockets or an incredibly adept currency trader. It is, nevertheless, far riskier than internet gambling. Accepting forex as a business rather than a game will allow you to make better decisions and learn how to construct effective trading techniques. You must have a lot of knowledge and be up to date on what is going on in the globe to do this. The trick to working in silence is to be patient. It's not like playing a slot machine.
Oct 31 2022 at 12:36
posts 17
Bannock posted:
Forex is a complex financial instrument that can be beneficial to both the individual and businesses. However, it should not be confused with gambling, which is a form of betting on the outcome of games. In Forex, traders buy and sell foreign currencies against other currencies, which can lead to profits or losses.
Well said!
Nov 03 2022 at 09:33
posts 9
Forex trading will never be a gambling game for a trader who has a good amount of fundamental and technical knowledge on how to take up and execute trades profitably. Logical calculations and effective strategies will be combined with trading psychology while trading rather than luck.
Dec 26 2022 at 09:49
posts 22
Gambling is nothing but a game of luck. And trading is a noble profession which requires knowledge, skills and expertise to begin with. You have no control over your wins and losses in gambling. But you can decide how much you will lose by managing the risk in forex trading. A forex trader will pay at most attention to risk management and market analysis which is not something a gambler does.
Adam (Glossy)
Dec 27 2022 at 17:55
posts 18
If you don't know how to trade and analyze the market, trading turns into a casino.
Suradi (FXOday)
Dec 27 2022 at 23:49
posts 470
For traders, forex is not gambling but this is real business that required good knowledge and skills to making profit from difference price movement, however in forex market there are big speculator trying to bet in the market.
Dec 29 2022 at 05:56
posts 40
Short answer: No!

A successful forex trader makes informed decisions based on market analysis and economic conditions. And this doesn’t happen as luck. While trading does involve some element of risk, forex traders use strategies and risk management techniques to help mitigate potential losses and improve results.
Mar 09 at 18:55
posts 1
I completely agree with this statement
Forex trading is not about blindly placing bets and hoping for the best.
Apr 28 at 20:53
posts 33
Trading is not gambling per se, but it is also dangerous for the ignorant and definitely much more demanding in terms of skills.
May 13 at 00:37
posts 5
If a person trades for excitement or social proofing reasons, rather than in a methodical way, they are likely trading in a gambling style. If a person trades only to win, they are likely gambling. Traders with a 'must-win' attitude will often fail to recognize a losing trade and exit their positions. That is the difference between a trader and a gambler.
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