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how to become a forex market conqueror

Feb 27 at 07:03
posts 15
learn to really be a scalper
does anyone agree with me?

Feb 27 at 17:41
posts 658
Scalping is a good trading strategy if you know how to use it properly.

Feb 27 at 20:25
posts 298
Scalping is a very good way to make money in a short time. However, you have to trade by making money management and making proper plans. And you have to try to trade from the swing point.

Feb 28 at 14:07
posts 637
Trading is not an easy job. The most important thing to develop is your psychology, if you cannot keep cool when your position is loosing money and make decisions based on facts rather than emotions you don't stand a chance.

Feb 28 at 17:43
posts 42
Trading strategy is essential to trade. However, most of the fail to adopt or create a profitable strategy in the market.

Mar 03 at 12:31
posts 15
because we seem to be fighting a market that does not give us profit from forex
whatever our strategy the market will try to beat us

Mar 06 at 07:28
posts 26
If you can use it properly, scalping is a great way of making money. Learn what to do and what not to, by practising on your demo account.

Apr 22 at 11:16
posts 12
Yes, you can learn how to scalp and make some good profit for yourself. Good luck.

Apr 24 at 11:29
posts 637
To win forex market, one needs skills, knowledge and experience. Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. Every trade you open you should have valid reasons. Out of assumptions you can win in forex market.

Apr 24 at 16:49
posts 672
Undoubtedly, scalping is a very good strategy by which a lot of profit can be made. But first, we have to learn about that strategy.

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