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how long does an account stay pending?

Jan 18 2010 at 13:00
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I opened an account on Friday how long does an account stay pending?

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 18 2010 at 13:14
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If the account is set up correctly, it will take up to 60 seconds to process.

In your case, your MetaTrader platform hasn't sent any data yet to our servers.

Please double check you've followed the instructions as shown here: https://www.myfxbook.com/help#help_1

If you still can't set it up correctly, please contact us privately.

Jan 02 2014 at 21:56
posts 1
My account is allways 'pending'.
I cant find verification section.

Jan 03 2014 at 00:18
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if you use MT4, click Mailbox then Registration and look at 'Investor' (read only password) at verification section.

Jan 09 2014 at 14:54
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after changing the investor password i try to verify my account but the authorization key as mentioned : (In your account settings form, you can find in the verification section a key) is not there or i need a glass , so i cant execute a pencing order which contains this code to let your system find it ... could u please give any advice where shall i looking for this KEY .

Thank u for your help ,

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