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To make a good trading plan

Jan 03 at 07:19
posts 298
To make a good trading plan we need to know our strength and weakness. A trading plan should be based on strength. Most people ignore their weakness and try to trade in all kind of situation. It's not good.

Jan 11 at 07:23
posts 22
A good trading plan works only when you follow it properly from beginning to end. It won’t help you make any profits if you don’t stick to it.

Jan 11 at 09:48
posts 73
Good trading plan will ensure you a good return when it comes to strategy and profit, but you are not free from risk as sometimes planning can fail due to the volatility of the forex market.

Jan 11 at 11:30
posts 147
to make a good trading plan one should be full of confidence but also aware of the weakness to ensure and avoid mistakes.

Feb 03 at 10:00
posts 20
That is right. Making a detailed analysis of your strength and weakness is important for trading.

Feb 08 at 10:46
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Identifying strength and weakness is as important as trading. Every trader should know what their weaknesses are so that they can work on them and get better.

Feb 15 at 08:47
posts 38
The first thing to note is that writing a plan for Forex is based on market analysis for the allotted time interval using fundamental and technical analysis.

Feb 15 at 11:07
posts 98
But what constitute a good trading plan?

Mar 02 at 04:27
posts 36
Finding out the strength and weakness can be quite beneficial for a trader and they can successfully make a trading plan based on that.

Mar 10 at 11:55
posts 20
cardigan posted:
But what constitute a good trading plan?

 A trading plan must include how a trader will find and execute trades. It must also be clear in what conditions they will buy and sell securities, the position size they will take, and other rules like when to trade and when not to. As simple as that!

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