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Money management is an integral

Mar 17 at 13:58
posts 643
Money management is an integral part of forex trading. If anyone is not having any money management policy, he/she is never gonna be a good trader ever. You need to follow some good and realistic money management system.

Mar 17 at 17:11
posts 647
Leverage makes us to control more money than we have. So, money management is important for effective trading.

Mar 18 at 12:50
posts 17
If you are a new trader, it is better not to trade on big news release date. Suppose you open a trade and before news your position is in loss. You system says it will hit tp but due to news you can't hold the position because a spike in price can hit your SL. And if you are sure enough that you will be able to get out of the trade with profit before news, that's different.

Apr 03 at 04:32
posts 11
Yes and I think both money management and risk management should be considered to be an integral part while trading forex.

Apr 03 at 14:58
posts 643
@DanialWales Yes I agree with you. Newbie should not trade on big news event. Most newbies blow their account during big news events.

Apr 03 at 16:09
posts 690
I think so too. I have lost a lot of investment by trading without money management. I believe that if I maintain discipline and follow money management with a positive mindset, I can become a successful trader in the future.

Apr 04 at 06:28
posts 664
Money management is essential for survival in the market. It is hard to control flow of money in trading without it.

Apr 04 at 11:08
posts 338
Money management is the most important part of forex trading. Those who do not follow any money management policy, they never get long term success.

Apr 05 at 05:25
posts 55
The inability to manage capital, of course, is quite important, on the one hand, we can make a profit, but it will not be for long, because as a result we will start to lose and we will be very disappointed.

Apr 05 at 10:16
posts 624
what you think guys there is any difference between money and risk management ? its al about same or any difference there is ?

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