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Not gambling

Dec 11 2020 at 17:39
posts 571
Tyronemings654 posted:
Gambling and forex trading are nowhere close to each other. You cannot get long term success with gambling but with forex you can.

Trading need pure market analysis and strategy. However, many traders gamble and lose money.

Dec 23 2020 at 09:56
posts 5
And I agree with the opinion that trading is really a business, not a game.
This approach provides profit and confidence in the future.

Jan 06 at 06:52
posts 42
Yes, no one should have unrealistic expectations while trading because it leads to greed and loss when things go the wrong way.

Feb 08 at 12:04
posts 48
Forex trading is only profitable with learning and practicing. You can win some trades by gambling, but ultimately this can lead you to lose all money.

Mar 09 at 10:29
posts 23
Treating trading like a business is something that could work for a lot of people. Thanks for the tip.

Mar 09 at 11:26
posts 14
I think trading should be treated like trading and not considered as a business or gambling.

Mar 09 at 12:40
posts 298
In forex trading, most small traders do gambling. Actually when you do not have necessary skills to make profitable trades, you end up gambling. That's why skills are important.

Mar 11 at 12:17
posts 31
Forex trading is gambling for those who treat it that way. Getting profit in Forex trading depends on a trader’s skills and experience whereas gambling is all based on luck.

Mar 23 at 10:39
posts 15
Ya gambling is entirely different when it comes to actually trading in my view.

Mar 23 at 11:19
posts 9
tiahshermack posted:
Ya gambling is entirely different when it comes to actually trading in my view.

That may be true for you but sadly for many traders they are just gambling and do not understand what they are doing. No strategy, no risk management. Just guessing

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