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Portfolio, MetaTrader and FA vs TA

Sep 04 2016 at 12:52
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Guys, how can I verify the historic of a fund of investment managed by an investor or the historic of a fund of speculation managed by a trader if investors and traders doesn’t use MetaTrader?

BTW, why the big players doesn’t use MetaTrader and haven’t profile in MQL5?

Metatrader is for idiots like us? Metatrader = casino?

And how can I have sure that you are not a broker's work saying: 'No, MT isn't a casino, you can make too much money in MT. Stop of ask go trade, gogogogo!' For brokers, MT is not a casino, it is not... Ok...

BTW, the Anton Kreil said that trading consist in 80% of FA and 20% of TA and who say anything different are a lier and have conflict of interest.

Larry Williams is a technical trader and successful.

Warren Buffet is fundamental investor and successful.

So, who is right in this conflict!?!?
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