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May 25 2022 at 07:00
posts 63
Scalping is good but searching for short-cut is bad. Slight an analysis should be made before Scakping. There are some traders who use high lot and gain much within these short pips. If you want to enjoy your scalping, you must start with a scalping-friendly broker.
Aug 09 2022 at 16:26
posts 121
Oh scalping is too risky as for me. I do not understand those who use it. You cannot make good analysis, you cannot predict market. And if you scalping manually, then you also don’t go to WC. 😄
Suradi (FXOday)
Aug 10 2022 at 00:17
posts 470
Maybe not all traders suit to scalping, this is short-term trading, and included an aggressive trading strategy, if traders can't control emotions properly, could lead them to be reckless and trading, scalping trading need plan trading and discipline to implement.
Julia (JuliaEvans)
Aug 16 2022 at 13:43
posts 24
Scalping, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult ways to trade, as it requires certain skills and the full involvement of the trader. To do scalping, you need to develop a specific strategy and test it dozens of times.
Suradi (FXOday)
Aug 16 2022 at 23:28
posts 470
Scalping as short-term trading needs good psychological trading and full discipline to implement the trading system, maybe this is not suitable for beginners because will full tension, however, when traders already mastering the trading system and understand the kinds of trend market, scalping can be worth profit good. implement
Aug 18 2022 at 10:09
posts 80
With practice one can refine the scalping skills, however I personally like it over any other trading strategy .
Aug 18 2022 at 10:17
posts 80
Fandango posted:
Scalping can be a profitable strategy if you are a skilled trader who is good at making decisions within a short span of time. It all comes down to your skills and timing to be honest. The ability to spot and act upon short term trends determines your profitability as a scalper.

Yes , Even I like scalping, it gives me quick results. I am learning new Trading strategies too.
Aug 18 2022 at 10:33
posts 1
Aug 19 2022 at 04:19
posts 60
In my opinion, scalping is one of the fastest ways to make money, but it also carries a higher risk.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Oct 21 2022 at 16:41
posts 401
I have a few online friends that are pretty good at scalping but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it right now. I know they're all very picky about which brokers they will use and care a lot about spreads. Might get more into it when my kids are all in school.
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