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Show your profitable account here.

May 30 2016 at 15:33
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amgtrdr posted:
neoxis posted:

Hi i just discovered this topic few minutes ago.
I don't know what other people thinks to post in here, but if there is some serious investor out there, i'd like to invite him to see my account.


20.000€ Real Deposit - Account Verified 100% - Broker NDD - FCA Regulated - Darwinex - Maximum DD 1.5% - Avarage DD under 0.1% - Gained around 3.5% - History: 3 months - No martingale - No EA - Pure Manual Trading - No using leverage.

The risk account can be regulated x2-x3-x4-x5 or whatever you like on your own side.

For any info contact me privately.

Hello Neosis,

Thought I'd take a look at your account as well. From what I noticed, just my observation, hope you don't mind~~ Well first, am I reading correctly? You made around 250 euros on a 20k euro account over 3 months? Just wondering, how's that impressive? I mean how are you really gonna generate some profits that are worthwhile?


Do you wanna make me laugh with your account? I let others people answer on this matters after seeing your account if they prefer mine or yours.

Anyways i do not invest only in forex. I have others investments as well but not on fx market. If for you a good investment means 'high %' you are not a trader not even far. You're just living in your own dream. I'm sorry to say that but is the cruel truth.


Change your mind , change your life , change your world.
5SS International
May 30 2016 at 15:35
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May 30 2016 at 16:05
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Anyways i didn't start with 20k from the first step if you seen it accurately i started with 2k then 5k , 10k and 20k for now.

So the first month i made around 2% only with 2k... the second month not even fully with 20k.

So that's why you see 'only around 300€ for now. Cause if the math is not an opinion 3.41% on 20k not makes 300€ right?

but around 700€.

I just started to deposit, maybe i'll put more money or i'll do two accounts in two different brokers. My living is not made only by this investment.

Change your mind , change your life , change your world.
Jack Leung (amgtrdr)
May 31 2016 at 06:47
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Lol, but I prefer my account lol. The returns are nothing. It was like over 700% before I made a small loss.

Listen, what really matters is expectancy. I went to Stanford, and in pure mathematical terms your trading expectancy is the most important factor in your strategy.

Look again, my strategy generates pretty good returns, even in the real world standards meaning cash, yet returns is not its purpose. I trade futures as well, so I know robust strategies when I see them. I am real trader in my own right. If you can't see that, through my stats, I'm afraid you can keep your 5%. I've made couple hundred g's trading. How much have you made?

As a matter of fact our Hedge Fund is hiring traders and we plan to give them around $3-5 million in capital based on their track records. But I'm sorry to say, with your attitude and especially your strategy, I must respectfully decline capitalizing it. Not worth it. I wasn't criticizing, I just wanted to hear what you had to say. But based on your answer seems you can take your strategies and put all your money where your mouth is and just go all out. Because It looks like the holy grail to me~~ Lolol

I am not going to argue with you though, because we make real money. I don't need to argue with u at all. Actually I was just pointing out certain things real traders meaning bank front office traders in financial centers of the world. Major firms etc would most likely pay attention to. I'm pretty sure they will agree with me, because I'm their boss, haha. j/k

Anyway, good luck with your trading. Peace I'm out.


Live to trade another day
Jack Leung (amgtrdr)
May 31 2016 at 06:49
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So what is most important for you?? I would like to bring real traders to check out your account. We are short a good laugh in a long time... Sorry maybe that's a bit mean. But Good luck anyways.

I'll keep living the dream yo~~

Live to trade another day
Jack Leung (amgtrdr)
May 31 2016 at 06:50
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Your average win is less than your average loss.
Your expectancy is 2 pips.
Your worst trades are larger than your best.

Shxt, get a lot more years under your belt before you talk. Sorry, I've never seen such idiotic things from someone who very obviously has a crap strategy. But oh well this is the internet... haha

Sorry, but seriously your strategy is rubbish. Won't even cover costs. Not worth my time. Go show off else where. Because if this is the level of accounts here. I'm out, hahaha.

If I sit there and make 200 trades to make like couple bucks... you're better off working at mickey d's. Not everyone is cut out for trading. Sorry harsh reality right back at you.

Peace, super star trader~~!!! haha

Live to trade another day
Jack Leung (amgtrdr)
May 31 2016 at 06:50
posts 38
It's ok to hate or sip that hatorade~~ Numbers don't lie~~ PEACE~~

Live to trade another day
Fund Manager
May 31 2016 at 06:54
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May 31 2016 at 07:05
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janisce posted:
sizhouren posted:
https://www.myfxbook.com/members/sizhouren/vip-system/1441801. Best super high risk reward system with strict risk management.

You must be kidding us :D

Shorts Won: (8/42) 19%
Longs Won: (12/37) 32%

This is why you are a looser in the long run. Real professional who last decades all focuses on big reward and minimum risk. My risk reward could be up to 1: 20 at times. With my system, I have managed to make over 100 percent within 6 months before with just 15 percent drawdown.

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