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There is no short cut

Aug 23 at 07:08
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Forex is a pure hard work. You have to put in long hours of study and analysis to be successful in this business. But there is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard and be patient to achieve your goals in forex trading.
Aug 23 at 09:43
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There is really no shortcut that legit works in forex trading. Many people choose indicators, signals, EAs and bots, hoping that they will make an easy win in the market. But the truth is neither of them work solely. The basis of trading forex - trading psychology, analysis of price chart pattern (technical analysis), fundamental analysis, and risk management, if these are not present, then the trader cannot ever win in the market in the long run.
Aug 23 at 10:02
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Correct! When it comes to financial markets, you can’t expect to make money instantly. There is no shortcut. You have to be consistent with investment and learning. If you stop either, you can’t grow.
Aug 24 at 07:53
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Those who are looking for shortcuts in trading fail miserably. There is an entire process of becoming successful in forex trading, which if you ignore will lead to losses sooner or later. Just don’t try to skip the learning part for the money because you may earn a decent amount, but that will be in the short run. To earn in the long run, learning and practicing are paramount.
Aug 25 at 05:30
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There is no shortcut to success , someone said it rightly that -’ Hard work in trading comes in the preparation. The actual process of trading, however, should be effortless.’ In order to become perfect one has to give time to learn the Forex market.
Aug 25 at 07:32
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Yes traders! There is no shortcut you have to work hard when you are trading. It takes time and patience to grow in any financial markets.
Aug 25 at 10:09
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Becoming rich is not everyone’s cup of tea and I hope everyone knows that. You must not forget this when you start your forex trading career. Know that you will have to work hard to achieve your financial goals.
Aug 25 at 11:47
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There is no such thing as a shortcut in trading. The basics must be clear and understood.
Aug 26 at 14:58
posts 187
Forex is the largest currency trading market and it is being traded by billions of traders. Broker plays a vital role in serving traders.
Aug 30 at 10:06
posts 26
There’s really no shortcut way to success. It takes time to become successful. If a trader keeps running after shortcuts, they cannot succeed, and their life will become miserable.
Aug 30 at 10:20
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Becoming a trader doesn’t give you a key to the treasures of the forex market. You have to explore the market on your own and find your path to success.
Aug 30 at 11:55
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Forex is not easy. You have to cover the long road in order to achieve something.
Suradi (FXOday)
Aug 30 at 23:40
posts 398
forextrader777 posted:
Forex is not easy. You have to cover the long road in order to achieve something.
Yes, no shortcut in FX trading, all needs the process, but in forex trading, there are two types of investors, traders,s and investors, trader they make money from trading relying skills, investors looking manager account to give trading capital to get profit sharing, they looking best PAMM manager account.
Aug 31 at 11:18
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forextrader777 posted:
Forex is not easy. You have to cover the long road in order to achieve something.
That’s so true. You should work smart and stop looking out for shortcuts.
Sep 01 at 10:16
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Making money is not easy in any way. You have to put a lot of hard work into it to get success in your trades. It will take time to grow as a trader and there is no shortcut to this.
Sep 01 at 10:24
posts 21
Traders have assumptions about the market that are not true at all. One of those assumptions about the market is how easy it is going to make money in forex. Because of this mindset, traders look for shortcuts or holy grail in trading. However, there are no such shortcuts. Be consistent with learning. The result will come in time.
Sep 04 at 13:06
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As a student, I find great interest in scalping because it saves my initial time. Short time trading has become a center of attraction among traders and I also like this type of trading.
Sep 05 at 07:15
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There is no quick fix. Trading in the financial markets is like running your own business. To become profitable, you need trading funds, a trading strategy, strong risk & money management, and appropriate mindset.
Oct 05 at 06:44
posts 29
The key to understanding the trading process is by studying the market sentiment closely. Increase knowledge and skill as you move further in your journey. If you try to find a shortcut to making profit, you may end up losing half or maybe all your capital. Try to be patient.
Oct 17 at 04:33
posts 23
Forex trading shortcuts can cost you more in the long run and are very challenging to escape from. Not a get-rich-quick scheme, forex trading is a profession. To be successful in the market, you must be ready to research the market and develop your skills.
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