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Time Zone

Lance (BlueMental)
Nov 18 2009 at 21:55
posts 27
Greetings all.

I have just joined your service, and it seems to be really brilliant.

I would like to know ( I searched everywhere I could ) if it is possible to change the time zone that is displayed above the search area and also in the news events listed?

Thank You.


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Ethan (Staff)
Nov 18 2009 at 22:47
posts 1400
Lance, we're glad you like our website, and hope you enjoy using it.

It is not yet possible to change the time-zone, however we are working on it.

Thank you.

Jan 08 2010 at 06:36
posts 1
I too was going nuts looking for the TZ setting..

Any ETA on this ability to be completed?

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 08 2010 at 11:14
posts 1400
We'll try to push this feature into the next platform update.

Mar 05 2013 at 07:19
posts 2
Nathaniel Kelly (sonicgold91)
Dec 25 2015 at 15:27
posts 4
what time zone does it use

Jun 11 2016 at 11:41
posts 2
That was 7 years ago... what happened

Jun 11 2016 at 18:22
posts 84
Jun 15 2016 at 08:15
posts 1487
That user hasn't posted anything in the past four years, I don't think they'll tell us.

Sep 02 2016 at 07:36
posts 1
... and it has passed another 9 month... Not to mention the MetaTrader 4's timezone fixation and inability of customizing itself, I'm really bothered with the fixed timezone thingy... I just want a local timezone. Is it a high depend, isn't it??

Ethan (Staff)
Sep 02 2016 at 07:39
posts 1400
Dear users,

You can change the time zone that is displayed above the search button by going to your Myfxbook settings (https://www.myfxbook.com/settings) > 'Profile' tab > 'Time' section.

Myfxbook support.

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