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Trading is not just about

Dec 27 2020 at 12:37
posts 589
Trading is not just about a good system/strategy. There is lot more things you need to achieved. It needs time, efforts and dedication to achieve those. First you have to accept the fact that trading isn't easy unless you are skilled enough.

Dec 27 2020 at 13:27
posts 614
True. Practice make a ma perfect. Practice until you are skilled enough.

Dec 28 2020 at 01:56
posts 628
To make a consistent profit in trading, you have to have an idea about many things. If these are combined properly, good rewards are possible.

Dec 28 2020 at 02:13
posts 298
You don't have to trade with the mentality of earning money. Of course you need to create a trading strategy with patience.

Jan 05 at 08:48
posts 17
Forex trading is not an easy way of making money. You have to put in a lot of hard work and efforts to make good moves that work for you.

Jan 05 at 09:34
posts 81
Working in Forex is not just a bargain for without any difficulties, here you really need to understand very carefully and master a lot of points.

Jan 05 at 12:00
posts 73
SofieAndreasen posted:
True. Practice make a ma perfect. Practice until you are skilled enough.

Could not agree more.
Practice give you more understanding and getting better in term of skills and knowledge so they are always useful when it comes to life situation and that including forex trading as well.

Jan 06 at 06:17
posts 4
It is not just your trading strategy and plan that helps you make profits, but also how well you can take advantage of the market. It is your skills and knowledge that help you stay in the market for long.

Jan 06 at 06:26
posts 16
Totally. While everyone stresses on the right strategy, its not just about strategy but various other things too that play a role in the success of a trader. Its the psychology, the trading plan, the skill set, the knowledge, practice, experience, everything counts!

Feb 02 at 10:43
posts 21
Yes, it does take a lot of time and efforts to get to know the basics of trading. It requires practice and serious learning.

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