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What is the trading psychology for you?

Aug 18 at 10:54
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Phorbic posted:
Trading psychology for me is all about learning to manage the emotions that I experience during a trade. It is normal to feel fear, stress and anxiety but I make sure to not let them take control of my mind interfering with the decision making process. We won’t be able to fully eliminate these emotions as we are humans but we can surely prioritise logic to make rational decisions as a trader.
I agree! Best way to get tips on emotion trading.
Aug 18 at 11:24
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Trading psychology is all about what you feel about forex trading that has an impact on how you actually trade. When you have the right mindset, you tend to perform better in the forex market.
Aug 19 at 04:47
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Trading psychology refers to the emotions and state of mind, which helps determine success or failure in trading. Fear and greed are two powerful enemies that can dominate the trader thought process throughout their trading career. The main goal is to tackle these emotions and develop a strong mindset.

Aug 19 at 11:07
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The trading psychology in fx for me is that I stay calm so that I trade logically not emotionally. I have found that if I am calm, I am able to make better decisions when it comes to trading. I am also less likely to make impulsive decisions that can often lead to losses.
Aug 20 at 07:37
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Trading psychology, in my opinion, is how a trader behaves while trading. How well he manages his emotions and feelings.
Aug 24 at 05:43
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Trading psychology is to have a right state of mind without any emotions involved. Having the right balance of emotions is very important to make rational and logical trading decisions.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Aug 24 at 16:00
posts 380
Anxiety was a big thing for me when I started. Too nervous to enter trades, or I would exit too early. Didn't have a lot of money, so I was afraid to lose the money I managed to invest.
I think psychology affects different traders differently. Those with big egos have different challenges than the anxious type, for example.
Aug 26 at 10:16
posts 22
For me, trading psychology is the ultimate tool that keeps you on track with your trading goals. Without the right mindset, success in the market seems unreasonable and you won’t achieve it until your mind is prepared for everything that you will have to go through while in the market.
Aug 26 at 10:44
posts 158
Scalping is such a kind of trading that brings relaxation for you. It enables a trader to derive profit from the market quickly by entering and exiting trade within a very short time.
Aug 26 at 13:13
posts 415
Plan your trade maintaining risk management policy and other policies so you can derive handsome amount of profit.
Aug 28 at 13:38
posts 99
Long term trading is a kind of trading hardly favored by traders because it takes much time and comes with high trading risk.
Aug 28 at 14:44
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Forex taught how to be patient and keep thyself motivated in adverse situation all the time. These are not the only takeaways rather there are many other takeways too to learn.
Aug 28 at 15:42
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Yes, there is no substitute to practicing more and more. And you already know that traders make a frequent mistake like whenever they see the market following uptrend
Aug 30 at 08:01
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Trading psychology, to me, simply means learning how to control your emotions while trading.
Aug 30 at 10:48
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Learning lessons would be easy only if you are ready to fill your mind with knowledge other than the thoughts of making money. Don’t set unrealistic trading expectations until you know what forex trading is and the risks involved with it.
Aug 31 at 12:01
posts 26
What you think about forex trading has a direct impact on how forex trading turns out to be for you. It’s always a result of your efforts that you make money and nothing else.
Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 01 at 01:20
posts 398
Psychology trading has a high role to shaped traders to be consistent and disciplined, how to build up good psychology trading need more practice in the real trading account, step by step trader can start using micro account before using a standard account.
Sep 01 at 09:22
posts 24
It’s about moving ahead no matter what happens. Traders make mistakes, but it is crucial to learn from them and move forward. Without learning and practice, a trader cannot be psychologically strong enough to trade forex.
Sep 05 at 08:04
posts 22
Trading is more of a mental game and you need to prepare your mind before you take any risks in the market. Don’t assume things about the market and sink in whatever you see so that you can plan your moves in accordance with that.
Sep 06 at 07:19
posts 18
False hopes can never make you earn money; only hard work, discipline, and consistency can. Those who are ready to face the reality of trading will become profitable at some point in time, but those who are not ready to accept the reality will find it tough to trade forex.
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