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Which OS does everyone find best for performance

Dec 23 2015 at 14:42
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I couldn't find this anywhere else so thought I'd start a thread on it.

Simply, which OS does everyone run their trading on? Windows the obvious choice for anyone using MT4/5 because it's easy but is anyone running any of the Linux/Mac wine builds?

My preference for server type setup would generally be a Linux build, usually CentOS, but when your dealing with an app that doesn't have a native Linux distribution it becomes less clear as to what the best choice would be. Has anyone noticed and changes in latency or performance in either direction running MT4 in wine bs running it on Windows or any differences between windows 7/8/10 vs Windows Server 2008/12?

Currently my autotrading setup runs win7 on an HP server, mostly for ease of use and I average about 1-2ms latency.

Dec 31 2015 at 19:24
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Windows Server 2012 has the least overhead and thus should be the fastest in trade execution. Of course, latency to broker's data centers matter much more than the PC overhead/latency

Jan 01 2016 at 22:17
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I started out with Linux but when I made more money and upgraded to bigger and better went on to Windows and never looked back. All things trading are just built for Windows.

Jan 02 2016 at 16:56
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There will be virtually no difference. Metatrader is compiled to machine code which executes the same whether its on Wine or Windows. The code is executed in nanoseconds. Only your network latency matters, since that is measured in milliseconds.

Jan 02 2016 at 16:56
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It doesn't matter. The difference between all of them are in the nano second scale. Well optimized Linux totally crush most windows setups under heavy load.

I just run mine on Windows Server 2012 currently, have a DLL for my EAs that require 2012 features. But it used to run on exactly the same performance on 2008. And I have the exact same ping to my brokers.

Jan 02 2016 at 19:39
posts 365
If you're running MT you shouldn't expect speed of any kind on any OS. MT is a tractor, not a sports car. Very good for cutting your teeth on, but hardly going to set any speed records.
I would use Windows for MT as it was designed for it. But any latency issues (over and above MT's built in issues) on other OS's would so small it's irrelevant.

If you want speed you'll have to use an API, a proper language and the FIX protocol.

Jan 04 2016 at 08:45
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I was worried that was going to be the answer. Its been a few years since I did java so its time to start learning again. In terms of network thats pretty fast, 1-2ms average.

Jan 04 2016 at 16:24
posts 365
Why the need for speed mate ? Unless you're doing HFT, which you're not or you wouldn't be asking, MT on Windows is fast enough for most trading.

Using JAVA and/or API's will narrow down your choice of brokers a lot.

Oanda did a REST API recently which is language agnostic, can use anything you're currently using, long as you can generate htpp links via the code.

I'm on Oanda's JAVA API, they also have FIX and C++ versions, it's probabaly the best in the market at the moment. I'll be migrating to REST API using JAVA eventually I guess, soon as their functionality gets better.

If speed is that big an issue you night want to look in that direction.

Jan 05 2016 at 07:47
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More out of curiosity/boredom than anything else in all honesty.

Working in IT means I can get the network side all done so now I'm looking for new things to keep my mind occupied. Better to be prepared for when the world moves on and you have to be are the forefront of speed than waiting until everyones overtaken you I always think.

I was looking at the LMAX API, being in the UK I'd like a broker thats FCA regulated

Jan 06 2016 at 07:12
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LMAX is very expensive to hold over night. But they have a very good reputation and they are fast. I don't use them because of minimum trade sizes and roll over cost. You still have a minimum 1000 unit trade sizes where on O it's 1 unit.

The difference in compounding is massive over time. If I can get a extra $1 in there I do. You will not believe how that ads up over a decade or so.

There's also a Oanda UK branch which I trade with, FCA regulated. I don't think LMAX is any faster than Oanda though. I know a few guys who looked at LMAX and they stuck with Oanda in the end.

And you have such a selection of API's with O, for me for time being it's a no brainer. They also have the most cash reserves out of all the brokers.

These are the US figures, but that cash in hand be available to all their branches I'd think: https://www.nfa.futures.org/BasicNet/FCM_ncap.aspx?entityId=tDw0VT6Nt%2f8%3d

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