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For new trader, finding a regulated broker is VERY important.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Sep 10 at 07:49
posts 36
I saw so much scam in the market. Mt4 is relatively cheap to set up. Just buy up the license from Metaquote and you can start your server.

So, always look into some big licenses to choose your broker such as FCA(UK), ASIC(AUS), CySEC. I have been working to differentiate which is which for years...
This is my only reminder to you all. Spread is very minimal to your profit if you are doing mid-long term trading.
Stability is king

Sep 10 at 15:37
posts 320
Good information. You have to invest in trading depending on the broker. Profit is to be made by combining broker and knowledge. That is why regulated brokers are needed to keep this fund safe.

Sep 10 at 18:05
posts 141
As for me, this is far from the most important aspect now. There are also brokers that are regulated but can cheat.

Sep 11 at 00:36
posts 624
It is better to choose a licensed broker in trading. There is less chance of getting cheated.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Sep 16 at 11:14
posts 187
With regulated brokers you get restricted with the leverage, and beginners do not have much capital initially so they need high leverage.

Sep 21 at 20:51
posts 5
As far as I concerned brokers play a big role, especially when we speak about new traders. They always bother about safety of their accumulations, hence they must find a fully regulated and reliable broker in order to be confident that everything will be ok with their money. It makes them more concentrated on trading activity and the won't be worrying about their deposits during trading session. I think that it's pretty hard to find such a broker when you're a rookie, nevertheless it's possible. It's enough to make some efforts and everything will be ok. This process might be quite exhausting, however it brings a lot for traders.

Sep 24 at 19:57
posts 354
AliaDare posted:
It is better to choose a licensed broker in trading. There is less chance of getting cheated.

Yes. I agree with you.

Sep 27 at 12:41
posts 288
For any trader, a good regulated broker is important. You can not put your money into an unregulated broker. Your money can be frozen by without any problems.

Sep 28 at 10:25
posts 589
@Akasuki Yes you are right. For online Forex trading, a regulated broker is very important. We can't trust unregulated broker where money is involved. It's better to stay safe.

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