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Is a demo account really neccassary?

Aug 09 at 05:27
posts 132
using a trading strategy in a demo account is really a good approach , this approach is very supportive to avoid unfortunate risk and losses.
Aug 09 at 06:48
posts 29
There is no rule that you have to do demo trading before trading live. But it is recommended because how will you trade if you have no skills and don’t understand the trading platform? Demo trading helps with these two, and it is a good enough reason to get started with it before taking a risk.
Aug 11 at 10:19
posts 20
I believe so. I don’t think a trader should directly move to live trading before practising on a demo account. The demo account may not tell you much about the live market behaviour but it will prepare you for trading in the live market. As soon as you become familiar with market functions, move to live trading.
Aug 11 at 10:36
posts 16
No one is forcing you to demo trade if you don’t want to. But it would be a risk to trade without practising on a demo account as you may not know how to proceed further with live trading. So, demo trade for a while and when you think you are ready for live trading, go ahead with it.
Aug 11 at 12:36
posts 93
Yes, I agree to the statement that Forex is not for everyone, it is for those who nurture learning attitude and are patience in nature. So I always suggest traders to build these qualities before starting Forex trading journey.
Aug 22 at 08:03
posts 32
If traders want to make a successful trading career then I would say a demo account is mandatory. Demo accounts help new traders in learning the complexities of the market and familiarise them with the trading platform.
Aug 24 at 12:12
posts 51
In my opinion yes, a demo account is necessary as it allows you to learn how the trading platform works and help you understand the broker's trading conditions as well.
Aug 26 at 10:00
posts 20
Yes, I agree, while a demo account helps newbies to backtest strategies, it can raise their expectations at the same time. Trading on a live account is much more stressful and newbies can get misled. They need to rely on their knowledge and skill to pull off a successful trade. If traders start small and grow their account, it helps them understand the level of expectation they need to set.
Aug 27 at 11:29
posts 93
You should try to hold you equity up always and for so, you have to trade less. Trade with a good understanding of the market so you can profit and enlarge your trading equity.
Aug 27 at 20:19
posts 26
It's hard for me to imagine how much money a trader will lose if he doesn't use a demo account.
People should understand that this is a great opportunity to learn the trading platform.
No matter who says what, but a trading platform is a heavy and multifunction platform. That's why a trader should be able to study all the tools and understand how timeframes work and how to look for patterns.
It can seem like an exciting adventure.
But it is not necessary to trade on the demo account for too long.
You need to train your emotions.
That's what real money is for!
Aug 30 at 08:08
posts 18
Demo trading is something that certainly assists new traders in learning about the 'baby steps' involved in trading. It is good to get a feel of the real trading and market with the help of a demo account.
Aug 31 at 12:17
posts 16
I think a demo account is good enough to get a boost of confidence and strategies and backtest strategies with digital money so when the trader does live trading, they are focused and know when to move. All newbies must practise on a demo to get the hang of the trading process to avoid errors when dealing in market shifts.
Sep 02 at 10:02
posts 53
To begin with, I believe that demo accounts are necessary for experimentation, as they enable us to prevent unfortunate losses and risks when dealing with real money. Also, we get to learn our hands on trading and various tools involved.
Sep 06 at 06:26
posts 21
They are, of course. They allow you to practise trading without risking real money by using virtual money. Demo trading can be very useful for evaluating the performance of a trade strategy and for trader education. If you jump into the live market without practising then you’ll end up losing all your funds.
Sep 08 at 12:17
posts 42
If you are new to trading then definitely it is important for you to first trade on the demo account and then shift to a real trading account. It is for the benefit of you only, to understand the trading deeply before trading real funds.
Sep 09 at 07:56
posts 44
psychology of school + trading in a practice account = the best combination for the traders who are particularly beginners.
Sep 09 at 10:01
posts 52
Without a doubt. Demo accounts assist you in planning and strategizing your moves. It also enables you to gain a thorough understanding of price movements and to assess your risk before going live and trading with real money.
Sep 12 at 09:19
posts 17
Yes, demo trading allows new traders to practise for a long time and keep honing their skills. On a live account, however, it will cost you a lot of money. So a demo is absolutely necessary, but treat it as if it were a real live account.
Sep 13 at 07:27
posts 18
A demo account is essential because it will tell you the reality of your trading. Of course, there might be negative emotions like overconfidence that can come as a result of trading on a demo account, but controlling them is the key to successful forex trading. It is perfectly okay to lose a thousand times before making progress. Those thousand losses will give you a world of learning, of which you can write volumes.
Sep 13 at 12:08
posts 25
I traded using FP Markets' demo account for two months, I was learning from their education center, which offers in-depth daily and technical analysis, till I grew the confidence to start live trading.
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