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Learning Forex Trading

Feb 14 at 12:41
posts 801
Education for a trader plays a very important role. At least when I started working in this industry, I paid enough attention to training.
Feb 15 at 02:20
posts 176
Forex trading has become the most popular alternative because of the ROI (Return On Investment, or the value of the investments we have planted), and the profit to be gained can far exceed the average trade in general. In order to achieve the highest return possible on the market and to achieve success at the same time.
Feb 15 at 14:52
posts 939
Training in this industry plays a very important role. Without this, it will be really difficult to get a positive result.
Feb 16 at 04:57
posts 78
With proper learning, one can get the right, and profitable mindset to become a successful trader. One should know what the market is doing, and by knowing that they can understand which direction it might turn. This will allow a trader to buy low and sell high.
Feb 16 at 12:04
posts 183
the successful trader is a trader who knows how to manage emotions when trading in practical.
Feb 16 at 14:23
posts 801
A good option for learning is a demo account. I studied on a demo account.
Feb 28 at 05:31
posts 70
A forex trader has to be focused, disciplined, and knowledgeable. It might seem easy to buy and sell currencies but what causes the biggest trouble is determining the right time to do so.
Feb 28 at 20:49
posts 105
Thats why demo modd is so important.
If you can master 1 strategy 1 pair then you shoukd in theory transition to live nicely
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Mar 01 at 17:19
posts 380
Depends. Some brokers will allow you to open an account with $5 but I'd suggest depositing a lot more than that.
Apr 05 at 08:02
posts 283
as for learning demo is the first basic after finishing pre school level , but we traders don't believe the importance of demo at all and trade here at random for all time, that's why sometimes i prefer micro account instead of demo after finishing baby pips school.
Apr 07 at 08:55
posts 283
We always advised by the senior traders and experts just for learning. but I think we the newcomers have to practice trading besides learning process. Demo account is more appropriate for them and as a learning Process newcomers can depend on Pips School.
Apr 08 at 07:35
posts 22
It takes a lot of practice to learn Forex trading. You have to be patient, and don't jump into trading until you are well aware of what you are doing. Learn about fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
Apr 08 at 08:34
posts 283
for learning demo experience sometimes doesn't work in really account, its really true. but that not mean , it is useless.  beginners level of course minimum have to spend 3-5 months in here to ensure live trading experience.  
Apr 11 at 07:09
posts 25
It’s not easy to be called a successful trader in the forex market. It takes years of continuous effort and trading to become successful at trading forex. You will have to learn even when you think you have completed your course. You have to practice even if you have already made some profits. It’s just because learning never stops when you are a forex trader.
Apr 18 at 08:22
posts 132
learning is important no way to deny. its a long time approach , so need a patience first of all.
Apr 18 at 10:04
posts 740
to bring success from this trading place is a long time issue , so it is really difficult to keep patience as a beginner trader.
Apr 18 at 17:33
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Apr 25 at 10:32
posts 111
It depends on your goals and objectives. If you want to learn to trade and make money, then it is a good idea to earn through practice trading. But, if you want to learn how to trade, it is best to practice trading on a demo forex account. The reason is simple. You do not have any risk when you are trading on a demo account. You can learn to trade and make mistakes without real money. The third alternative is to gain some money before you start trading. The money will help you handle the financial aspect and reduce your risks.
Apr 26 at 08:42
posts 283
this is a fine reply with god information , got some fine lines.
Apr 27 at 06:42
posts 24
No matter what you see in the advertisements, forex trading is a difficult task to do. You won’t be making profits from the beginning. In fact, the beginning would be the toughest part of your trading career. Give plenty of time to your learning so that you are capable of judging the market and making your moves accordingly.
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