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Jan 28 at 12:15
posts 147
learning and then practising your strategies on the demo will work for you. demo gives you safety as there is no real money involved in it. so thats the best way to do it

Jan 28 at 19:04
posts 341
Learning forex is not so difficult if you have dedication and willing to earn money from this market. You can learn forex by reading various books, trading on a demo account and many more ways.

Feb 01 at 02:16
posts 298
If you are a new trader, you need to do a lot of trading research. Because it is never possible to gain trading profit without trading research.

Feb 01 at 06:59
posts 65
You need to study, this will be the key to your success in the Forex market, because you will understand how to trade and what nuances you need to take into account.

Feb 01 at 10:10
posts 886
We always advised by the senior traders and experts just for learning. but I think we the newcomers have to practice trading besides learning process. Demo account is more appropriate for them and as a learning Process newcomers can depend on Pips School.

Feb 02 at 11:13
posts 82
cashonmymind posted:
I'm interested in trading but don't know where to start. Any tips?

Gain proper knowledge about the Forex market and initially practice on a demo account.

Feb 02 at 11:39
posts 102
The first step is to gain all possible knowledge, scroll through the research material relevant to your trading needs. Gaining here is almost impossible if a newbie has no theoretical knowledge or practical skill about platforms or markets, so gaining that is very important.

BrandiHeartsFX (bgaymon1)
Feb 02 at 20:40
posts 3
Start using some free websites to gain basic knowledge like Babypips.com and YouTube take notes and read as much as you can. A good book to start is 'Naked Forex' its sold on Amazon. If you find you need more help you may want to look into getting a course and/or reputable mentor.

Reinvent Your wheel ~ Its not about the cards you've been dealt, its how you play them!
Feb 04 at 07:36
posts 23
To start with, find a good book with the help of which you can clear your forex basics. Once you are done with it, open your demo account with your broker to practice what you are learning.

yana hansen (78678676)
Feb 04 at 07:43
posts 137
Do not go for robot trading as a newbie. You wouldn't know what is going on. Learn the basics and start demo trading. Gradually you will start understanding the markets and then you can go for a live one.

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