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Please help..

Apr 30 2013 at 17:32
posts 18
I trade using robot and 2 weeks ago a couple of trades were executed by the robot as per normal (so I thought), however, they were kept open for the 2 weeks which is not normal for the robot I'm using. So I checked the log file and these two trades are not even in there, it's as if they don't even exist! I've been using this robot for a year and a half and this has never happened.

My question is, how is it possible that a trade was executed but was not logged in the log file? Could there be an issue with the broker MT4 or the robot itself?
Ali Sunarko (DFXAcom)
May 01 2013 at 06:31
posts 3
That's look like your mt4 opened in two ip . check your VPS and change your mt4 password. this will resolve the problem .
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May 01 2013 at 13:23
posts 18
thank you, I will try that
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