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is there anyone want to test my strategy? 90/95% winns

Dennis O. (dgaf)
Nov 15 2013 at 08:46
posts 57
Most with a 'Auto Trading System' EA, which i still am developing.
It uses a few indicators to confirm signal orders, with take profit & trail-stop.
also a Stop-loss of (5 - 5000pips), 😲 but everything varies on money/risk management, along the strategy.

for back-testing, before discovering MyFxBook, i used excel spreadsheet to compare results/ analyze of different EA, date & settings.

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Mahadi Hasan Razu (prime7raju)
Nov 26 2013 at 22:08
posts 1
If your strategy is really working then you can contact me. I can make your strategy into an EA. Recently I've started a campaign that those who have proved profitable strategy over 6 months I'll make them an EA with free of cost. But I've some ease conditions. Thanks
Jan 17 2014 at 08:13
posts 39
silahian posted:
I'm a software engineer that been researching stock market/forex and options for more than 3 years.
After many months, i came up with this strategy that looks really good.
I have tested this strategy with my proprietary system, and i have some good data to share.

Actually, i'm willing to share the strategy for those who are wiling to do backtest and share results...

Please, contact me.

send me your EA thru the messaging system here.
I will run it live on a demo account.
FXWorkz (Silverthorn)
Apr 12 2014 at 06:38
posts 268
optimofx posted:
Professor53 posted:
I have a number of vps servers that I can use for back testing.. let me know. I can do MT4 or MT5.
U know what is a BACKtest ?? For a backtest u dont need VPS ¡¡¡ ITS A BACKTEST ¡¡¡ NOT A FORDWARD LIVE TEST ¡¡¡

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Adrian Matusiak (adrian8891)
Apr 13 2014 at 17:04
posts 696
optimofx posted:
That why i have a six core processor with UPS (uninterruptible power supply). I doubt so much VPS works with six cores. Usually Pc of VPS are old shits.

So, i have to tell You that MT4 uses ONLY 1 CORE from processor... So You might even have 10000 of cores, and MT4 will use only 1 of them.

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Optimofx (optimofx)
Apr 13 2014 at 17:28
posts 250
that why i run six mt4, please read all the post.
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Jul 07 2014 at 18:56
posts 10
Totally agree with Optimofx.
you might want to open 6 virtual machines and run 6*n MT4. That's this.
Jul 11 2014 at 03:12
posts 795
Yep, A vps frees your home pc and wont overload your processor running multiple platforms. Its true, mt4 only uses one core for processing, but I back test for 3 years at a time or longer on multiple setups and multiple brokers. Id rather my home pc not be busy crunching numbers for long back tests. Some setups may take weeks to process. If your EA uses trailing stops and or trades both sides of a grid and other little processor power consumption things, you need the VPS to run for a long while to get results. I do use my home pc for back testing a few months at a time on 4 or less platforms. But a vps is better for most applications. Im in hawaii on the island of Kauii and My internet for the home pc can be out for 4 hrs or longer at a time all the time. VPS doesnt have a connection problem in updating its reliable and always on.

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