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Technical problems with my layout system

Jun 17 2016 at 07:32
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Hi guys!

I have the following problems that I think that can be solved with some script or EA, but, I don’t know none programming language for this.

First, look this layout:

Always that I create some vertical, horizontal or trendline in any window, I want that this line be copied in others windows too. And always that I to deleted some line in any window, I want this same line be deleted in others windows too.

Second, each profile I use for each pair of currencies, so, I'm constantly switching between several profiles. The problem occurs when I run any profile, because the script that it’s used for generate others timeframe (M2, M4, M8, H2, H8, H16, D2, D4, W2) is not executed in running of the profile, so, it’s necessary execute the script of conversion of time again, for each timeframe. Is it possible to automate this process?

Third problem, always that I switch of the profile, the scale in y-axis that I adjusted previously is lost. Always that I run any profile, I need to readjust the scale for show the chart in the correct proportion. Is not possible save the last settings for not need adjust again, again and again???
Jun 17 2016 at 07:36
posts 32
ADD: Fourth, for a reason difficult of explain in english, I need, too, that every time that I switch of profile, in the start of the new profile, a script or EA be executed and make the MT select these chat windows in this ORDER:

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