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Perfect Score (by Sergeyr5)

Gain: +100705.45%
Drawdown: 4.25%
Pips: 36021.2
Trades: 1693
Modèle de qualité: 99.0%
Bars En Test: 1307651
Tiques modélisées: 370403214

Forward Test: Perfect Score
Oct 21 2020 at 07:05
1 messages
What strategy is this algo using?

Dec 03 2020 at 09:45
24 messages
It looks interesting. But what strategy are you using? It is algo trading or you are trading manually.

Dec 30 2020 at 09:36
22 messages
Wow! This looks way too good. I’m sure you must be using an amazing strategy in order to get a 100% profit. Good going.

Jan 29 at 13:22
1 messages
hola, queria saber si vende su sistema estoy interesado en comprarlo

Jan 29 at 14:02
41 messages
On a live account it does now only makes losses with big SL 200 pips.

Feb 24 at 10:27
4 messages
This system is in need of some information. Do share it if you can please.

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