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ScalperiorFX - USDJPY (de Bernard Situmeang )

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Discussion ScalperiorFX - USDJPY

Bernard Situmeang (FXspitzer)
Jan 26 2013 at 15:27
posts 122
Strategy Tester Report
ScalperiorFX-iBand 2013
Pepperstone-Demo (Build 455)


Parameters :

Expert='ScalperiorFX-iBand 2013'; MagicNumber=251212; Lots=1; TakeProfit=35; StopLoss=135; iADXperiod=30; iADXMethod=3; iADXPrice=6; iBandPeriod=20; iBandDeviation=1; iBandPrice=2; iBandMode=0;
simplicity and just simple... like a camel.
Bernard Situmeang (FXspitzer)
Jan 26 2013 at 15:37
posts 122
Other setting:

Parameters Expert='ScalperiorFX-iBand 2013'; MagicNumber=251212; Lots=1; TakeProfit=75; StopLoss=100; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=4; TradesDeep=6; iADXperiod=80; iADXMethod=3; iADXPrice=6; iBandPeriod=20; iBandDeviation=3; iBandPrice=2; iBandMode=0;

simplicity and just simple... like a camel.
Bernard Situmeang (FXspitzer)
Jan 26 2013 at 21:14
posts 122
i think, a currency is like a musical instrument - you can not play piano like a drum! - one EA for one instrument, like this i will build some edition : ScalperiorFX - EU; ScalperiorFX - UJ; ScalperiorFX - EJ ......., etc as you like
simplicity and just simple... like a camel.
Hunaini (hunainian)
Jan 28 2013 at 15:00
posts 10
I hope to have EU and UJ scalper, if u dont mind to share me
a little profit now, and will become a huge profit later
Bernard Situmeang (FXspitzer)
Jan 28 2013 at 20:30
posts 122
halo teman2 indonesia salam kenal mau sharing siapa tahu dapat membantu yang lainnya - lisensi ini saya berikan secara bebas untuk semua teman didalam atau diluar forum ini, dan saya nantikan sarannya --- salam profit

ScalperiorFX - Exotic Edition 2013

Serial : 374BDK5WOI8FFD6
Expire : 31.Mar.2013
Comment : 3 Months free License for ' New Traders / Indonesia '
Downloads : https://www.scalperior.com/download/ScalperiorFX_Exotic_edition.zip


we has just send one copy for investigating and testing to ForexPeaceArmy - wait the result, thank you.
ScalperiorFX - Exotic trades exclusively on GBPUSD-GBPJPY-USDCHF-USDJPY-EURJPY-AUDJPY-CHFJPY-NZDJPY-CADJPY on H1 Time Frame, integrating with multi StrategySignal like iBands; iADX; iStdDev;

iStochastic; iATR; iRSI; iMACD; iBearsPower; iBullsPower; and iSAR, the very complex entry logic but easy to setting and using. ScalperiorFX is using a unique strategy that incorporates many elements styles of

trading like Position Trading, Scalping, Swing Trading, Day Trading, and easy to switch to other syle. For a more detailed please we invite you to visit www.scalperior.com and download the ScalperiorFX - Exotic or for

review whitepaper which shows in detail the trading system's logic and historical results.
simplicity and just simple... like a camel.
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