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Aug 27 2009 at 11:24
posts 33
Am I missing it or doesn't you guys show taken commission for trades? I'd like to to show for each trade and a total just like the swaps/rollover.

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Ethan (Staff)
Aug 27 2009 at 11:47
posts 1398
Although commissions are not shown per trade in the history tab, they are taken into account when calculating stats.

If a trade had any commission associated with it, the profit for that trade that will show is after deducting the commission factor.

Most brokers don't have commissions, so that's why we decided not to show it separately.

Regarding the total commissions figure on an account - the tech team will review your request.

Thank you.

Aug 27 2009 at 12:07
posts 941
I never seem commissions with the retail brokers, maybe Interactive Brokers, but that's it...

kennyhubbard (compuforexpamm)
Aug 28 2009 at 08:13
posts 265
Actually, there are several brokers that take commission......PFGBest, FxCbs, JadeFX, FxOpen(ECN), to name a few.

Not sure what the value of showing commission separately would be because it is already factored into the bottom line.

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Sep 02 2009 at 08:54
posts 33
When receiving some of the commission back (like 15% on FXCBS) it is valuable to know how much has been paid :)

Never interfere manually in trades by a automated system
Jan 02 2010 at 21:27
posts 33
Hey guys. I'd really like to resurface this suggestion. Still think it would be good to see how much is paid in commissions. I have accounts both with and without, but my feeling is that the future will hold more and more of the commission based ECN brokers so I think this would be a good idea. Just like swaps is displayed in the info.

Never interfere manually in trades by a automated system
Ethan (Staff)
Jan 03 2010 at 12:34
posts 1398
Ok, we'll try to push your request into the next platform update!

Jan 11 2010 at 20:47
posts 11
It would make for a nice option. For instance, if your broker does take commissions, you could turn the option on to show the calculations separately. Alternatively, you could leave the option turned off to have the calculations hidden.

Feb 01 2021 at 04:18
posts 15
I think you should check the history tab or something if you’re looking for commissions per trade.

Jun 16 2021 at 05:03
posts 7
I think there should be more clarity about the commissions which are charged by the broker. If the broker is not showing the commission fees, it is creating unnecessary doubt for the trader.

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