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Minor but Needed - Hiding Deposits / Withdrawals résultats de vote

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Discussion Minor but Needed - Hiding Deposits / Withdrawals

Jan 10 2010 at 21:01
posts 131
Hi, this is minor but I'm sure that those of use with clients would find it useful if we could hide the Deposits/Withdrawals from the Trade History. - I'm displaying the Trade history but hiding the Lots/Cash Profits or Loss. Daily swaps are being recorded as withdrawals in my statements and it looks like clients are leaving my fund since most days register negative swap. (and of course this makes the remaining clients nervous for no reason) - I want to allow my clients to view the Trade history but not be thrown off my the swap deposits/withdrawals. Thank You.
It ain't easy being Cheesy!
Myfxbook (Staff)
Jan 11 2010 at 11:23
posts 1406
We'll see what can be done.

Thanks for the suggestion!
Jan 27 2021 at 10:54
posts 18
I hope this works out for you. You can also request this by directly contacting them.
Feb 23 2021 at 04:11
posts 14
For me, withdrawals are the main concern. They should really be faster with a broker.
Mar 16 2021 at 05:55
posts 14
Hope they pay some attention to your suggestions. Good luck.
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