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Discussion More than webpage

Nov 09 2009 at 09:36
posts 18
I suggest it can have a small small software or a gadget which can be on the top of the desktop.
It only show very basic information like profit...

Ethan (Staff)
Nov 09 2009 at 10:02
posts 1394
Thank you for the suggestion wltam!

Ykee (Ykee)
Jan 30 2010 at 21:18
posts 22
Jan 29 at 10:16
posts 16
I hope they do consider your suggestion. Good luck.

Mar 16 at 10:18
posts 18
Yes, that is an appropriate suggestion. Glad you shared.

Mar 30 at 11:08
posts 11
Not a bad suggestion after all. Thanks for sharing.

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