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AFX-Corp (de FXSalt )

Lutilisateur a supprimé ce système.

Discussion AFX-Corp

Dec 11 2010 at 13:33
posts 272
Is this available for trading at FxSalt or other brokers? Why hasn't it traded for last month? joaobucks @ yahoo.com

FXSalt (FXSalt001)
Dec 13 2010 at 11:54
posts 3
Hullo, its available only through FXSALT.

The trader trading this account is now on Holiday until January.

Thank you

Your Essential Trading Ingedient
Dec 29 2010 at 11:42
posts 8
hi, trader is not on holiday but account has changed!

FXSalt (FXSalt001)
Dec 29 2010 at 21:59
posts 3
Your absolutely correct. sorry, wrong trader. the account was changed from a private account to a Managed account to allow the trader to take on new clients.

Thank you for brining this to our attention.


Your Essential Trading Ingedient
Feb 09 2011 at 19:54
posts 1
Hi, I just opened a live account at FXSalt. Would be nice to connect my account with this system, but before will be nice to get in touch with the money manager, to understand couple of things..like since when he is managing clients money, what is the risk/equity in his trading, etc. Thank you.

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