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Ahmed Chadly ( EURUSD ) (de Ahmed Chadly )

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Discussion Ahmed Chadly ( EURUSD )

Dec 27 2020 at 10:46
posts 1
hi ahmed iwant to copy you trades can you give me your telegram accout

Jan 05 at 08:54
posts 15
Luck stands nowhere when you are trading forex. It is all about the efforts you put and the decisions you make. You cannot always be lucky to make money in the market.

Jan 19 at 08:47
posts 29
Your trades look good. I would like to know more about this, please share some details if you can, thanks.

Jan 19 at 14:24
posts 14
It's good that you chose a popular currency pair.
It can really be interesting for many people.
After all, many people pay attention to these assets.

Jan 19 at 14:39
posts 5
The profits are certainly excellent. But again, a lot of leverage. Isn't there a system that would allow to get a great income without a significant increase in risks...

Feb 16 at 05:01
posts 15
This looks like a decent trading system with all the profits and the leverage used. Good work on this.

Mar 03 at 09:56
posts 22
Seems like your chart was going well till some point but don’t worry you can improve it in time. All the best.

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