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Contest - nakedbike (de nakedbike )

Gain : -40.05%
Drawdown 99.72%
Pips: -3710.1
Transactions 258
Type: Démo
Levier: 1:200
Trading: Inconnu

Discussion Contest - nakedbike

Jun 21 2013 at 09:45
posts 2
Where did you find the XAUUSD pair to trade?...I can't see it available on the andromex mt4 trading platform

Jun 21 2013 at 09:48
posts 1
Gratula, jól nyomod! 😄

Jun 21 2013 at 11:36
posts 14
Press ctrl + M if market watch is not open, right click > show all.

Have you taken a loss? Forget it quick. If you have taken a profit, forget it quicker. Don’t let ego and greed inhibit clear thinking and hard work.
Jun 21 2013 at 19:18
posts 25
Köszönöm, igyekszem, egy csajtól nem is olyan rossz. Most jó a trend, és a barátom. 😁

Impossible is nothing!
Jun 21 2013 at 22:42
posts 63
nice trading keep it up 😁

You will never go broke by taking profits
Jun 22 2013 at 08:09
posts 2
Congratulation your score :) i am here to learn from the best traders. You are the one of the best at this moment. If you can please help me and say somethnik about your metodology. About system. About indicators etc?

How can you make decision, when buy, when sell, etc.


Jun 22 2013 at 08:29
posts 7
Látom beragadt a sell gomb :))))))

Szerintem most csinálj még screenshotot, amíg az első vagy! :D

Jun 22 2013 at 08:30
posts 7
Ha megverlek kérhetek egy hátmasszázst? Legyen már valami tétje is :) :) :)

Jun 22 2013 at 21:33
posts 116
Congratulation! score it up!
Please send me the strategy, I am seriously interest in your method! write to me.


Jun 24 2013 at 09:22
posts 25
Kapj el ha tudsz, látom, gyorsan tanulsz, a sell gomb ott is működik.

Impossible is nothing!
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