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Diamond FX-2011 (de Femi Shitu )

Lutilisateur a supprimé ce système.

Discussion Diamond FX-2011

Femi Shitu (diamondfx)
Feb 23 2011 at 03:55
posts 47
The client joined our managed account service and closed same day saying the trades are different from our demo model in his own opinion.

All our trades are based on breakouts that occur on all major currency pairs and its the same as demo or live as long as they all have profit potential.

The demo is still running till date with 84% winning trades ( Won 194 trades out of 222 , lost only 28 trades ) .

If you are considering professional managed forex account, you can never be wrong with us.

Best Regards,

Femi Shitu.
Diamond FX Group.

Building a profitable portfolio for our clients worldwide.
Mar 18 2011 at 01:20
posts 2
Femi,i gave you about 20000 usd of my client Account to manage and your blow it in less than 3 days.Is this Professional way of trading?You refuse to reply my mail see this incident. Why is your Demo trading different from Real Account?

Mar 21 2011 at 16:10
posts 1
@It is definately not unusual for him to ignore messages or do the blowing of account.I am somewhat familiar with the two actions.
@Femi, complains about your system is getting a bit longer than you can handle,watch this blog be filled with them.

Femi Shitu (diamondfx)
Apr 06 2011 at 02:08
posts 47
For those who are expecting our managed account program to fail, you can take a look again at our account here and also on our website.
@zalon @bunmifx - Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Best Regards,
Femi Shitu.
Diamond FX Group.😁

Building a profitable portfolio for our clients worldwide.
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