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Sep 29 2009 at 06:20
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Hi, excellent system ! Can you send more detail ? THX

Sep 29 2009 at 12:12
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You gotta be joking.
If this system is true, You gotta make millions of dollars every month and be the richest person in the world.

Sep 29 2009 at 12:17
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is does indicate that its a real acc...interesting.

Sep 29 2009 at 15:59
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1266 trades in 29 days? that's 43 trades a day, or 1.8 trades every minute!

i guess it's a scalping system? you're not sharing much, so maybe you can shed some light on your system?

Sleep is for the weak.
Sep 29 2009 at 17:56
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E.B.A.T.S. [European Bank Automated Trading System] commonly known as King Arthur, was a program designed and programmed by me, sometime ago, and sold to only five other people.

It, was originally programmed for an investment company in Europe, under contract, in where I was able to retain the complete code, but limited, to the number of copies, that I could make available to the general public.

In answer to one post yes,, it is real . I use , as many do, MyFxBook, as they are an outside reporting agency, so I and no one that I am aware of can alter, the stats. All reporting is real time.

In answer to another post, yes it is is a scalping system, designed to take from 2 pips up to 15 pips, and most trades are short in duration.

I am not at liberty to discuss the mythology of the system here, and the trades are closed to keep the currencies it trades private as well.

As with any system , if overused it becomes obsolete, and of course, somehow blocked down the road.

I have placed this system here only to reflect my programming abilities, and to bring some attention to the other successful programs, I have and am currently developing, for public release.

My members on my support forum, are familiar with what I am currently involved in, and as usual, most programs are released in a limited version, normally only 500 copies sold and then removed from the general public.

In answer to another post here, related to my finances, I trade for a living, and yes make a very good living at it. I also spend a lot of money, and funds on research and development, on new programs for my members, and cover these costs with programs like E.B.A.T.S. Also I do not run this program every day month after month. I run it for a month at a time, then close it down, so as to remain below any radar that might be there to make an effort to attempt to block it.

This program is no more special then the Excalibur program released last October that took one of my accounts from $3,000.00 to $138,068.00 in one month and then I closed that account as well. The live stats for the Excalibur program were well published in several forums with over 1,500 beta testers on the project.

Any programmer can release a 95 dollar program that makes great claims, we see it everyday in our mailboxes, about all these 'Holy Grails' and how they will make us rich. lol

My programs are expensive, not only because they work,, for a better future, but because it takes me a lot of funds and time to create the best I can, before releasing any program. Also my membership knows full well, that I run all my programs before being released, on my own personal, funded accounts, and risk my own funds, before every allowing any member to rick their hard earned money on any program.

Am I using this EBATS program as an advertising vehicle?

Of course what else is this MyFxBook here for other than to display ones successes or failures.

I am currently implementing some of the mythology of the EBATS system into these new, soon to be released limited programs, that are under my current profile.

Members of my current support forum, will as always have the first opportunity to receive these new programs.

EBATS aka King Arthur is not for sale, but does show that automated trading does and can work for the trader and not the broker.

My best advise is to click on My Profile and follow the current public programs I have running here. Some will fail and several will succeed and be released soon.

To Success


Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Sep 29 2009 at 19:39
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Sep 29 2009 at 22:57
posts 92
Again thank you for your posts here .

I as others am using this media to advertise my products but not this one.

It will run and continue to run only as a demonstration of what can be done in automated trading.

Since it is a true scalper and can not be run in any competition this is perhaps the best media to expose my public programs and allow others to examine, comment on and judge the other systems.

I have already a large client base, and use this media, to allow them to log in daily, to make a purchase decision, based on third party reporting, and allow the programs to speak for themselves.

They either succeed or fail. The failures I will delete, re program and start over. I do not sell any program that has not run for at least three months on a third party reporting agency.

Failure is only one step towards success.
As Edision stated ' I have learned one thousand ways not to make a lightbulb.

To Success

Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Sep 30 2009 at 00:51
posts 24
Hi Pheniox,

I'm very interested in your great system..
Do inform me when you have released for sale..

Btw how to join your forum or you have any website?

Sep 30 2009 at 01:20
posts 18
Vidic posted:
    Hi Pheniox,

I'm very interested in your great system..
Do inform me when you have released for sale..

Btw how to join your forum or you have any website?

go 2 https://www.fxreports.net there u can see the programs for yourself

Sep 30 2009 at 02:17
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go 2 https://bit.ly/aBCId if u want 2 buy any of the EA's if you like KIING ARTHUR u should see how he did with Excalibur
5250 pips in 1 week it's all on forex-tsd forum from $3000 to $138000 in 1 month he stands by his products & offers excellent customer support

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